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Dating While In Lockdown

Updated: May 21, 2020

Virtual dating is definitely a good option, especially while on lockdown its a way to get to know someone better before actually meeting, its like courting without the meeting. It seems there are quite a few good points to virtual dating, the cost of the date isn't an issue, no worrying about what to wear or even if he or she is going to show up scruffy or looking good to you, no worrying about should we kiss or not, and no awkward moments.

Virtual dating can be easier for us all to get to know more about a person. It definitely eases the pressure of dating while we are on lockdown because you know they won't want to meet yet, it gives you a little longer to find out more about the person you're talking to, and its not like speaking on Monday and meeting up on Saturday because that can't happen while on lockdown.

The best things that have worked well for me was using a dating app, start talking to someone you like or match with and hopefully, they like you too, then go through through the steps of getting to know them, ask about their likes, find out what makes them tick, see what fire they have inside of them for the future and if this sounds and looks like someone you could have a future with.

In a lot of ways its much better because you cant go on a long date yet and it makes you get to know someone better to start with, this can help you realise if you could really like this person or if some things are a definite no-no for you, always get them on a video chat, then you can see what they're actually like without filters, I don't mean just drop them a video call in the middle of their day, but arrange regular video chats, another good way to see if they have time or make excuses to not chat to you, if they really want to get to know you then they will video chat.

Use things like Messenger video or general txt, Facetime, Whatsapp video and text, and make sure you're on the same level with the amount of contact you're happy with, don't forget, if you don't have regular messages on lockdown and they aren't working, then they may be like that all the time and you will probably lose interest and move on to meet someone that will give you some of their attention and time.

If you're less into video chats or phone calls, then stick to what you know on dating sites, like - swiping.

But this won't get you any further in actually meeting someone, Apps are great, but you have to use them as a tool to communicate for the intention to meet someone, and if you aren't ready for that, then that could be a problem, so get swiping and start chatting and start video calling and have some fun while you can.


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