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Dating Polish girls

Most likely, every real man will agree that one of the best things he does in life is to spend time with the woman he loves. But it is hardly a slyness to say that the process of Dating is no less exciting and interesting. Communication, flirting with a girl is a real game that has its own rules, winners and losers. Sometimes a girl does not want to follow the rules and plays with a man on their own, but often a guy wins a girl's heart if he immediately makes an impression and does not spoil it in the future.

For a long time, Poland was famous for the beauty and charm of its women, one of whom won the heart of Napoleon.What can we say about modern polkas?

Polish women are not just self-confident, but very, very self-confident: 81% consider themselves extremely attractive. Apparently, the genes of Golden-haired, laughing, playful great-grandmothers who easily captivated kings and emperors are affected. Polkas are ambitious, sometimes overly so.Almost always in the company of people of different nationalities, polkas win. The most modest bow, a hair clip, a sly look, a short conversation - and now the broken hearts are lying at their feet in heaps. Polka have to themselves their behavior and attitude to you, easy to contact and direct in the expression of emotions. You will only be told nice things. The gift you brought will be admired all evening. But at the same time, a polka will not take any liberties with a stranger and will not put you in an unpleasant situation. A girl who looks a little prettier than a crocodile in a photo will be able to present herself in such a way that in your eyes all her shortcomings will turn into advantages.

Poles will be noticed at any international party due to their slightly old-fashioned gallantry and Northern European appearance. However, it is not so easy to get close to them-perhaps it is because of their popularity, or perhaps because the poles are used to keeping a distance from unfamiliar people. If you still managed to arrange a date, follow our advice, and your chosen one will not run away in the middle of the evening, leaving you to suffer from humiliation.

Setting a date

Better sooner than later. In Poland, many people depend on public transport, which rarely runs after midnight. If you make an appointment for 21.00, the date may be shorter than you expected… Don't be late. Unlike many residents of southern European countries, poles are scrupulous about time. If you are 15 minutes late, you risk not seeing your chosen one. This is due to an old academic tradition: in Polish universities, students are allowed to leave the lecture if the teacher is more than 15 minutes late. Can't make it on time? Call or email.


Give flowers consciously. Don't make ignorant remarks about Poland. Repeat after your companion. In Poland, it is considered bad form if one orders food or alcohol and the other does not. On the other hand, poles (both sexes) can drink almost any nation, so if the eighth glass of vodka in you already categorically does not climb, it is better to admit defeat than to experience a very strong humiliation in the near future.Pay or not pay. Attitudes towards traditional gender roles in Poland can vary greatly. Some Polish women are sure that a man should pay, while others strongly object to this. Some poles will offer to pay, others will not. If you are not going to pay for dinner, offer only once. If you are determined to pay, offer again. According to the rules of Polish politeness, you must refuse after the first offer, but agree after the second.

Time to say goodbye

Say goodbye at the bus / tram stop. Previously, it was believed that after a date, a man must accompany a woman all the way home. Today it is acceptable to end a romantic evening at a public transport stop. Don't be surprised if your date chooses this option. In modern Poland, this is absolutely normal. If you are driving, give your chosen one a ride. In Poland, if you arrive for a date by car, you will be expected to give your companion or companion a ride home. When planning an evening, set the time for this, otherwise you will be considered rude and impolite person. Keep the brand. Usually Polish dates end with a kiss on the cheek. It is better to stick to this tradition, unless, of course, your date has taken an unexpected turn. If you leave with a wave of your hand, it will be perceived as a refusal to continue the relationship, and an obsessive display of passion... however, everyone already knows what it looks like. Oh Yes, don't give your date/companion a peck on the cheek two or three times. Save such kisses for your aunts and grandmothers.

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