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Dating in Switzerland

Rules for a holiday romance in Switzerland

A true Swiss is always elegantly and expensively dressed, fashionably coiffed and trimmed - this man looks like he stepped out of an advertising picture of a Swiss watch. And therefore, to have an affair with such a handsome man is the Golden dream of many girls. However, it is not so easy to implement it.


Many believe that a ski resort is the best place to meet a Swiss in an informal setting. Indeed, Swiss people are born with skis on their feet, and in winter, on weekends and holidays, trains all over the country are filled with people with skis rushing to their favorite resort. Where else, if not on the slopes, to open a "hunt"? However, we will have to disappoint our readers: the whole of Switzerland is not the best place for Dating. It's a little difficult to have a holiday romance with a Swiss. They are too solid to be exchanged for temporary connections. In addition, they rarely go on vacation alone, mainly in the mountains you can meet couples or families with children.

And someone may be prevented from getting acquainted with the Swiss language barrier. Despite the fact that Switzerland has four official languages, this does not mean that every local resident is fluent in all of them. Moreover, if you speak perfectly, for example, the classic German "hochdeutsch", then when you meet a Swiss from Zurich or Lucerne, you will have difficulty understanding his dialect. Please note that local residents may differ greatly from each other. Swiss people from the French, German or Italian part will behave completely differently, fully conforming to most stereotypes about residents of France, Germany or Italy, but they will never admit it. It's not easy for a man to have an affair with a Swiss woman. Most of the local ladies go on vacation accompanied by friends, and these girls are not set up for frivolous Affairs with foreigners. They mostly plan to get married, quit their jobs, have two or three children, and settle down in their village home. So you go to the mountains with your present or future husband and only for the sake of skiing.

There is another category of tourists at the ski resorts-students. They mostly settle in cheap hostels located very far from the lifts, and prefer to spend time in their own company,so they are also not suitable for resort novels. However, if you are attracted to such a contingent, then try to go to the village of Laax-Dorf in the resort of Laax. Local Swiss youth love to spend time there. If the dream of meeting a Swiss has already stopped in your idea-fix, prepare your vacation in advance. Find a Swiss friend on the Internet, and then, as soon as he invites you to visit, go with him to a ski resort. Yes, with the Swiss, you need to prepare for everything in advance and thoroughly! It is difficult to come across a professional gigolo in Switzerland, although they also meet. The greatest danger lies in wait for tourists on the most expensive and fashionable slopes, such as in the resort with the largest number of five-star hotels per unit area of St. Moritz or in the favorite meeting place of politicians at the highest level - in Davos. However, if you have enough money to go there, you may not mind spending a little money on bodily pleasures.


If things are bad with the natives, maybe switch to fellow tourists? Swiss ski resorts attract travelers from all over the world, and therefore you can meet here and the British, and the Germans, and Italians, and even Americans. Recently, more and more of our compatriots have appeared on the Swiss slopes. Basically, all vacationers are quite wealthy people, because vacation in this country is not cheap. However, it is difficult to get acquainted with any of them, because there is simply no place.

Most of the resorts are fairly quiet village, where people come to rest respectable family. In the morning they climb the steep slopes, and then in the evening they go to one of the local restaurants and, after a meal of high-calorie rosti or no less nutritious and terribly smelly raclette, return to the hotel and go to bed. It is clear that noisy discos and night clubs are not for them. If you still want to get to know someone better, it is more promising not to go to a night club, but to fall beautifully on the road, preferably with a slight leg injury, so that you are guaranteed to want to help, and at the same time leave your coordinates.

In Switzerland, in General, it is very difficult to find a democratic, friendly ski party. If you want to not only ride, but also actively spend the night, try to go to Gstaad. There you will find all the concentration of mountain international night life, the entire range of clubs and cabarets.


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