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Dating in Munich is practical and a little romantic

When meeting foreigners women and men often make a common mistake: they treat them the same way they treat their countrymen. But everyone has different traditions to adhere to. Dating in Germany has its own subtleties. How to meet a German for a serious relationship?

How to meet a German

It all depends on the person of what age the girl is counting on. If we are talking about a very young person-a student or a young man under 30 years of age, then everything is about the same as in any other country in the world. But since many people want to meet a German for marriage, it is worth focusing on a Mature person, and he is already becoming conservative and practical.

Flirting with a German in any place will not work — it is considered that there are "decent" and suitable places for this, such as Nightclubs, discos, and "fast Dating"parties. Therefore, you should think about where to meet a German for a serious relationship. By the way, it is their practical Germans consider a wonderful way to find a soul mate. And although Slavic girls do not quite understand this, it is worth taking this method and learning to make an impression from the first minutes.

Statistics are inexorable: single men in Germany are not ready to spend a lot of time on starting a relationship, so such dates are very popular with them.

The culture of flirting is not what the Germans possess. But if you just go up and invite a man you like to dinner (but it is to invite him, and not offer to invite yourself), the chances of consent will be very high. After that, of course, you will need to wait for the initiative on his part, but this method is very good for making an acquaintance. The Germans do not see anything shameful in a woman taking the initiative: in terms of relations, they have a real, and not regulated, equality.

It is also important to understand that practical German men believe that if a woman flirts, it means that she is interested in meeting a specific man. Flirting for the sake of flirting is not welcome, a German may consider it frivolous, and practical burghers do not want to have anything to do with frivolous persons. This is also important to consider.

Oktoberfest in Munich

How do I meet a German on Oktoberfest? After all, this is a good reason and another simple and easy way to get to know a German. Here everything is very simple: there is a "right place", the atmosphere and most importantly-the opportunity to signal a potential suitor. It is enough to tie a bow on the traditional dress on the left side to attract those who want to treat a lady with a glass of beer. It is also nice that you can say a polite "no" to a suitor who does not like it, and he will not be persistent. This pleasantly distinguishes Germans from Slavic men, who never believe that the answer they have been given is final.

In addition to Oktoberfest in Germany there are other good holidays in Germany where you can meet a German for a serious relationship.

Dating in Germany on the Internet

Registering on a Dating site in this country is not considered something shameful. It's just that men and women really don't have time to engage in personal life. Therefore, they are generally showing maximum pragmatism, looking for their soul mate in the world wide web, taking it for granted. And this is a great chance to find the right person, if the woman does not yet live in Germany.

Good chances to start Dating on the sites Badoo or Tinder

These resources are mostly used by older people. Usually this is a lot (and very much) working middle-class burghers who want to find an equal partner and a hostess in the house.

Dating in Germany for marriage on a Dating site is also quite possible. Of course, it is difficult to find romance with this approach, but it will not be so much in a relationship with a German man, so you should prepare for this. As well as the fact that he will not pay for flights and accommodation, and checks in restaurants, most likely, will have to do for two after the second date.


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