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Dating in Denmark. Expectations and consequences.

Denmark is one of the ideal places to stop a lone traveler. Despite the restrained disposition, the Danes are very romantic and almost never hesitate to get to know the representative of the opposite sex. Holiday novels in Denmark almost never end with serious consequences - marriages, pregnancy or even just a long relationship. Therefore, you should not count on meeting the one or only, heading to the shores of Denmark. Here, the whole point is not even in the preferences of the Danes by the Danes, but in their horror of the law. Fictitious marriages in Denmark are punishable and very serious sanctions are provided for them. And the inhabitants of the country, being unusually law-abiding people, always remember this.

There are plenty of places to explore in the cities of the Kingdom. It does not divide the city into places for lovers and official residences. If a Danes or Danes like a person walking down the street, she or he will certainly start a conversation with him. In general, provided that during a journey through the alleys, bridges or streets of Denmark, a completely unfamiliar resident of the country greets a tourist, he will look around to find who he had in mind. This is their way of meeting a pretty person. And if this very object answers him with the same - a greeting - then he will show his readiness for acquaintance. In nightclubs in Denmark, locals rarely get to know tourists. But other travelers here find a mate for further recreation. In restaurants in Denmark it is generally not customary to tear off a visitor from a meal. Therefore, it is better not to wait for attention from other guests of the institution and not to take the initiative yourself, having noticed an attractive representative of the opposite sex. Clothing for the Danes is not such an important attribute of appearance, as in many other countries. They themselves dress inconspicuously and look for a couple that looks no brighter than an office worker on weekdays. Danes also do not welcome especially open dresses on ladies. Therefore, frank outfits here should be experimented with caution.

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