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Dating in Bangkok

How to meet a girl in Thailand

In this article, we will tell you how to meet a girl in Thailand, or rather how to do it correctly. There are some things that everyone should know.

So let's get started. You decided to go to Thailand and have a great vacation. And it does not matter whether you are divorced from your wife, you left your favorite girl, or just you are looking for adventure. Your priority goal is to find a girl in Thailand to spend time together. Or simply put you need to know how to meet a girl in Thailand.

Start by Dating a girl. The most popular place in Thailand, where girls abound, is the "street for walking". Moreover, such streets can be found in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket.

There are three things you should not do under any circumstances. You will learn about them now.

Wrong ways to find a girl in Thailand

#1 Lady Fight in Thailand

Walking along the street at night, you will certainly meet cute, long-legged girls with a magnificent bust, who look like models, and are not inferior to the latter in beauty and femininity. If you have never seen a real Thai transvestite or "lady boy" in your life, it will be quite difficult to distinguish it from a real woman. Thai transvestites are so good at being like pretty girls that not everyone will immediately see the differences, but they are.

In fact, many drunk tourists can be seen with happy eyes in the company of Thai transvestites. The most interesting thing is that they are really sure that they communicate with beautiful girls. And often these tourists later brag that they met in Thailand with great girls, and that they are really lucky in life.

Remember this once and for all. Most Thai girls are not tall. Simply put, almost all of them are short. This of course does not mean that they are dwarfs, not at all. If during a walk you meet a beautiful, long-legged, and most importantly a tall girl – you should definitely review the amount of alcohol you have drunk and carefully study your "girlfriend". The first thing you should pay attention to is the long legs and the presence of the so-called Adam's Apple, or Adam's Apple on the neck.

No. 2 Prostitutes in Thailand

On the street for walking you can find just a huge number of prostitutes. But do not think that a prostitute in Thailand must necessarily drag you to a bar or strip club. Very often there is a situation when walking down the street you meet a modest girl who does not look like a prostitute at all. Such a girl is able to maintain a conversation, while she is pretty and smiles at you all the time. But you will learn her plan of action for you very soon.

First, your lovely companion will definitely offer you a drink. And most likely, she will take you to the bar where she gets a percentage of each visitor, such as you, for example. Secondly, she will want to introduce you to her friends, who by chance work in one of the local strip bars. And third, after visiting bars and strip bars, such a "prude" will immediately invite you to her home.

And know, at best, you will have to pay for a visit to the bar, a strip bar, as well as for food and drinks for her girlfriends and friends. At worst, you could get into serious trouble.

Most likely, she will ask you to pay her for a pleasant evening. Or it can seduce you and have sex with you. If all you need from her is sex for money, then you are certainly lucky. Well, if not, then you are likely to have a serious conversation with unknown men.

Conclude. Prostitutes in Thailand will never tell you directly that they have sex for money. They always ask you to buy them a drink and pay their bar bills. And last, prostitutes in Thailand always offer something, and almost pay little attention to your suggestions.

#3 Thai girlfriend "for two»

There are girls who have relationships with several men at the same time. So in Thailand, such girls are not uncommon. Most likely, such a girl will approach you herself. She will ask you to meet her the next day and have a good time. Keep in mind that your new "Thai girlfriend" will act in the same way as a prostitute. But unlike a prostitute, she will act more carefully.

Such a girl first invite you to the beach, and then to a restaurant. Your new Thai girlfriend will invite you home only after you visit a nightclub with her. Then it disappears and reappears a few days later. Did you guess why? Because the next day, your girlfriend is spending time with another date.

Such a girl looks like an ordinary girl who meets a guy. But remember that it has a completely different purpose. You will certainly have a good time with her, but this time she will not only spend with you. So be prepared for this. Don't be surprised if your Thai girlfriend asks you to send her money after you leave.

The right ways to find a girl in Thailand

If you are going to build a serious relationship, or even find a wife in Thailand, then you should do the following:

Decide what you need

First of all, you should finally decide who you are looking for in Thailand: a girlfriend, a girlfriend, or a girl for one night. If you need a girl for one night, the answer is very simple. Read the above and do not fall for the deception. With a transvestite, or "lady boy" everything is clear. Prostitutes in Thailand welcome all clients, as well as girls "for two". So you will not be particularly disappointed.

Look attentively

First, look around and find a girl you like. Make sure that no one came to the girl for 15-20 minutes. The girl you are interested in should be away from bars and strip clubs. She should be well dressed, because poor girls in Thailand often work as prostitutes.

Look closely, if someone approaches a girl and offers her money, but she refuses, it means that most likely she is waiting for a friend or just walking. If at the end of your observation you realize that the girl is not a prostitute, but just strolling – then this is your option.

Meeting a girl in Thailand

After all, just meet the girl. Don't give her anything or buy anything. At least at first. Just tell me what you expect from your relationship with her. Tell us about your serious intentions. Be sure to tell us that you are looking for a girlfriend or wife. Believe me, it works.

Invite a Thai girl to a cafe or restaurant, but not to a club. Then just chat, and the next day meet her on the beach.

That's all. I can't add anything else new. The rest is entirely up to you. I didn't really say anything new. Everyone knows how to meet girls. It's just that in Thailand, you should be careful with questionable girls. Many men get into unpleasant situations in Thailand because they do not know much about the specifics of Dating local girls.

Travel with pleasure!

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