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Dating in a Museum

Why is it good to meet a girl in a Museum?

Do you have a summer-like good mood and you are finally determined to find love in the very near future? Why don't You go search for your happiness in a Museum? Because our society is still taken first to take the initiative in meeting men, then this article to a greater extent will focus on men, although our great women can also make use of the tips offered here. In contrast to impersonal Dating on the Internet, the fact that a beautiful stranger came to the Museum, in itself speaks about her level of intellectual and cultural development. Walking through the Museum halls or rooms, You can watch the girls for a while and make preliminary conclusions for yourself. Pay attention to Your possible chosen one, evaluate her appearance, style of clothing and some characteristic moments of behavior. Try to guess what she loves, what fate it was in this Museum and what you can start a conversation with her. The most important thing is to try to understand in this situation: is this girl free in personal relationships and how ready she is for a serious acquaintance?

How do I start a conversation with a strange girl in a Museum?

Start a conversation about Museum exhibits. And this is a good reason to do self-education and read something about the Museum exposition in advance before going to the Museum! Wait for the moment when the stranger will carefully examine the picture or statue and as if suddenly start a conversation about an impressive work of art. For example, you can say aloud: "How accurately the artist managed to convey the features of a beautiful girl, that his creation has been inspiring men for many centuries."So You will show your awareness and prepare the ground for further compliments for the yet unknown beauty. Then the Museum environment and the world of beauty will help you continue your conversation, and after that, go personal, tell a little about yourself and try to casually learn something about Your companion.

At one time, I personally met my future wife in the Greek hall of the Hermitage, when I was only 18 years old. It seemed very funny. I walked up to her and pointed at my classic Greek profile, saying: "Girl, don't you want to touch Greek?" This is how we started a conversation that has been going on for decades. Recently, psychologists have found out that nowadays it is in the Museum that people who are either 18-25 years old or already over 45 can get acquainted! These are, of course, some average observations, but these data indicate that people 25-45 years old are less inclined to romantic Dating and less believe not only in love at first sight, but also in random fateful meetings.

Unfortunately, the rhythms of modern life and the competitive market economy in an era of crisis leave serious imprints on human habits and the entire psyche. But on the other hand, what does the average hospital temperature mean? Just abstract numbers. Remember that not only all ages are subject to love, but also all ages and all peoples. Look for your other half and let the museums help you get to know your future wife romantically. From ancient Greek, the word "Museum "is translated as"temple of the muses". Therefore, it is possible to find your own Muse in the Museum, which will inspire You all your life.


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