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No matter what age a woman is, she still wants to meet her Prince. Youth has advantages: girls can afford to go to a bar once again, sign up for different courses, or simply meet on the street. But older women do not lead such an active life, so it is much more difficult for them to meet a man. Of course, they can make friends on a sea cruise, at a school of modern dance, at advanced training courses… But what do those who have a daily route – home-work-home, and nothing else just does not have the strength? In such cases, you need to look for your Prince at work, because that's where we spend most of our time. It is in the workplace that a person begins a variety of relationships. And to excite yourself and get a little inspired, you can allow yourself to start an easy, non-binding flirtation. People who have a job in the first place, you need to look for a future husband there. Unfortunately, this option is not available for everyone. For example, garment factory workers, career officers, or miners are unlikely to meet a representative of the opposite sex in their work.

CONS AND PROS Dating at work has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive side of Dating in the workplace – you can observe the chosen one (chosen one) in a variety of situations. After working with a person for six months, each of us will know him as a peeled-off. Here you will definitely see what the chosen one really is: lazy or workaholic, a shirt-guy or a complete careerist, how he takes criticism in his address, whether it is easy to get along with colleagues and people, and even, quite possibly, find out his salary. The last point (about salary) is not a fact, because most companies prefer to hide such information and require it from their employees. You don't need to find out about your salary at all. A person's income can be judged by the quantity and quality of ties, suits or dresses, by what car they drive to work, what restaurant they eat at...most Importantly, you can compare their official position with their position and salary. This will help you draw the right conclusions.

There are also disadvantages to Dating at work. There are several of them: Your relationship will develop in front of all employees, which, you will agree, is not very pleasant. Imagine that your relationship ended in a breakup. In this case, you will have to constantly meet with your "ex", which will cause discomfort or even suffering. Here you will have to choose: either you are looking for a new job, or you continue to suffer. In large companies, especially in the West, a special contract is signed when you enter a job, where there is a clause prohibiting you from having Affairs with colleagues. The meaning of this point is quite clear. Jealousies, quarrels, and showdowns that may occur between employees will have a bad effect on their performance.

Despite this point, novels in large companies are not uncommon. But such relationships are always carefully hidden from the authorities. But in Soviet institutions, the requirements were quite different. Thus, the husband and wife were strictly forbidden to work in subordination to each other. After all, native people can cover the interests or sins of each other, the professional unfitness of the second half, or engage in the workplace is not what you need, as they will be sure of impunity. But no one can prevent people from meeting, creating relationships and falling in love at work. After all, if a person finds their soul mate – it's great. Many companies deal with this issue in the following way: they do not allow two close people to work in the same division or in related departments. In this way, the employer protects its interests. In this way, he also protects the interests of other people who depend on the work of these lovers. Yes, and it is better for the family – no one at home will conduct discussions on the "working" topic. If this happens (workplace relationships), one of them is asked to move to another Department. Trying to see your soul mate in a person you meet every day at work is not so easy. But if everything turns out, then this risk will be fully justified – a new married couple will take place.

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