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Dating after divorce: 5 main rules

Rule # 1. Chemistry is not a guarantee of relationships

You are used to a stable long-term relationship. They are over, but you subconsciously expect each new acquaintance to repeat history. We hasten to sober you up: sympathy and sexual attraction do not always mean that you will have a serious affair. Life throws up a variety of scenarios: it is likely that everything will be limited to one passionate night or a few non-binding meetings If you only agree to a serious relationship and are not looking for adventure, but love-make it clear on the first date.

Rule # 2. Make sure that your relationship with your ex is in the past

Are you sure you let go of the past and finally survived the breakup, having time to heal the wounds of your soul? If you answered a firm " Yes " - feel free to go on a date. If in the evenings you still struggle with the desire to write to your ex or cry into your pillow — do not rush. A new man is a bad way to forget an ex: if the feelings are still alive, it still won't work.

For new acquaintances, dates and relationships, it is necessary that your heart is free from old love and resentment. The only "baggage" that is worth taking with you from the past is experience. Do not step on the same rake, choosing men similar to the former: you already know that it is impossible to build a relationship with such a man.

Rule # 3. Take your time

It's been three months, and you haven't had anyone yet? Or worse: your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend, and you haven't even gone on a date yet? Stop! All this is not a reason to worry. You don't need to sign up for an urgent Dating app and go on five dates a week. Don't rush things. Let things take their course. New love will come when the time is right.

Rule # 4. Don't hide the fact of having children

Do you have children from previous relationships? Don't hide this fact. Yes: it can scare off some representatives of the stronger sex (so let it roll: such a man is not needed). But if you keep silent about the children or tell them about them in six months, you will get a surprise.

But you should not rush to introduce the kids to the cavalier. Do this only if the relationship becomes really serious.

Rule # 5. Feel free to ask for help

Sometimes it happens that you can't get over the breakup quickly. No matter how hard you try, bad mood and sad thoughts do not let go. These are alarming signals: depression is not far away. Do not expect trouble — seek help from a psychologist. In Russia, visits to a psychoanalyst for some reason are still a novelty. And in vain: because it is a professional who will help you put your thoughts and emotions in order, find a way out, make the right decision and change your life for the better.


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