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Dating a model in a bikini

Probably one of the easiest and at the same time the most difficult types of Dating – Dating girls models in bikinis. In order to meet such girls, you must be a real alpha male. On the other hand, if medium-status girls have to constantly alternate establishing a report and attracting and constantly calibrate the response, then with models and other high-status girls, everything is easier. They are always set up to find a real man, and it is very rare (almost never) to build a report with them. They are almost always in need of "dark" emotions that they mistake for force. And, having learned to be such a man, you do not have to constantly guess her subconscious desires.

What should you be like If you want to meet models in bikinis and seduce them, you must have the following qualities: confidence, moral strength, masculinity, willingness to go to conflict if the person is wrong, and strict life principles that no one should violate. These are the qualities of a real man or, in another way, an alpha male. But guys sometimes confuse concepts and attribute such qualities to alpha as: unjustified aggression, a desire to humiliate someone and thereby rise up, and an unwillingness to admit that they are wrong. These qualities are inherent in insecure men, and models will never meet with such (if, of course, they have the right "set" life guidelines). The qualities of a true alpha male are what you must have. If you do not want to constantly guess how to get acquainted with the model, and you want a specific result on a permanent basis, then you need to develop these qualities in yourself.

How to do it better Getting to know the model directly makes you quite vulnerable, because you will definitely be tested. She will want to make sure that you are a real alpha, and therefore will throw you such checks that the hair will stand on end for an ordinary guy. And the wrong reaction to the check will immediately ruin everything. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted and start active communication with the person who often contacts her. This way you will ensure several contacts with the girl (both within one hour and for a long period of time). When a model you want appears in your company, communicate with her as if you don't know that she is a model. Keep in communication, both with her friend and directly with her. The girl will also evaluate you based on your social skills. Act like you already had a model girlfriend. Give her a mental message that you are used to communicating with very beautiful and status girls, so one beauty will not surprise you. And let it show you its qualities. By the way, this is the case when a compliment can play a plus for you. It should never be addressed to her appearance. For example, she told you a story where she showed one of the useful qualities. In this case, you can tell her: "I didn't think you would do this. I had my doubts about you at first, but now I am convinced that you are a good girl." You don't have to use this phrase. Make up your own. The main thing is to show her that you were wary of her at first, and after she demonstrated her quality, you realized that you were wrong to be afraid.

How to borrow a phone You should understand that the model, like any status girl, values her time, and will not meet "just anyone". Therefore, you must, first, demonstrate your qualities, and, second, create the value of your meeting. Let this be the place that she will be interested in. The main mistake of guys: they are afraid that the girl will refuse, and begin to come up with some "super" places for a date. When she asks you why you need her number, you can't let your nonverbal display a desire to surprise or justify yourself. Confidently tell her that you want to go with her to any of the places you have invented. It will be great if you have time to talk about this place with the girl. As you can see, getting to know the model is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is not to think that she is something special and not to be happy when she shows a little interest in you. Show that you are an alpha, and then it will be yours. .

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