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Danish men.

Danish Scandinavian men are incredibly intelligent and gallant-respect and worship of women in them is brought up from childhood. No, a Scandinavian Danish man, when you get out of the car, you probably will not give a hand and will not be allowed to go through the door-equality is equality, here European feminists have tried. But don't immediately label the Danes as ungallant Scandinavian men. Some Scandinavian men are great at saying compliments and showing gallantry in small things, but in serious things you can not expect actions from them. But in everyday life, the Dane will surround you with care and even guardianship, especially if you are younger than him. In the morning, you will Wake up to the sound of washing dishes, coffee will be brought to bed, Breakfast will be prepared, and you will be allowed to luxuriate in bed. And they will turn on the news channel at your request, even if the remote is closer to you. Well, as for the fact that a Dane man gave you a hand when getting out of the car, you can just... ask, explaining unobtrusively that it would be nice for you. Believe me, before you a knight without fear and reproach, you do not need to remind him of this, his main goal is to make you feel good! So if you marry a Dane, you won't regret it. More than a wife, a Dane can only love children – as a rule, the Danes are just extremely caring and tender fathers.

But in everyday life, the Dane will surround you with care and even guardianship, especially if you are younger than him.

As a rule, in the Danish family there is no division into female and non-female work.

Cleaning the apartment, washing dishes, shopping for food — all this is familiar to the Danish man. Which they speak of with pride and irony.

In Scandinavia, you can often meet a tall, handsome Dane with muscles and tattoos, driving a baby stroller or waiting for a child playing peacefully on the Playground. What other men would call womanizing has long been a habit for Northern Europeans. This is why in Scandinavian families the upbringing of offspring is harmonious and complete, because both father and mother take an active part in it.

. A Danish husband is a real gift of fate, which is why Dating in Denmark for marriage is so popular among our ladies. If you decide to marry in Denmark, and at the same time chose a resident of this country as your husband, it is unlikely that you will ever regret it. It is in Denmark that dreams of a happy life in a cozy family nest with a loved and reliable person come true.

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