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Culture Of Morocco.

In the stunning festivals, the culture of Morocco is vividly displayed. Whether it's music, art or dance, these events are never forgotten. The country has a fairly diverse past. People from three different continents had a huge impact on the development of the Moroccan people, and today it is one of the richest cultures in the world.

Different cultures of Morocco

To celebrate its rich heritage, the country holds a variety of festivals. in major cities, these can be large-scale events that last for several days, involving artists and performers from all over the country. The culture of Morocco combines a wealth of traditions and modern manifestations. Folk music is intertwined with the latest genres, fire eaters perform together with traditional storytellers.

The Religion Of Morocco

The dominant religion of Morocco is Islam, a variant of Sunnis in particular. The mosque is at the center of all Muslim rituals. There are also about 100,000 Christians and 8,000 Jews, mostly of French origin. Catholic churches, Protestant churches, and synagogues are located in all major cities. Culture and religion are closely linked.

The Economy Of Morocco

Morocco's relatively liberal economy is governed by the law of supply and demand. Since 1993, the country has been pursuing a policy of privatizing certain sectors that were previously in the hands of the government. It is the 5th largest African economy by GDP. Much attention is paid to mining, construction and manufacturing. Actively developing industries include tourism, telecommunications, information technology, and textile manufacturing. Morocco even once ranked 1st on the continent for quality of life, even surpassing South Africa.

Cuisine Of Morocco

With an infinite number of dishes and variations, the cuisine of Morocco is considered one of the best in the world. In addition to major cities, local residents usually do not eat in restaurants, so the choice of tourists is limited to international dishes of Chinese, Indian and French cuisine. Traditional dishes include semolina couscous, which serves as a side dish for stewed meat. Tagine is a spicy stew of meat and vegetables that is cooked over a slow fire for many hours in a conical clay pot.

Popular delicacy Bastella is a layer-by-layer thin pieces of dough with a filling of sweet and spicy minced meat (usually lamb, chicken or pigeon) and almond paste.

Customs and traditions of Morocco

The most important traditional event is the celebration of Ramadan. In this month, Muslims fast in the daytime from dawn to dusk. For the last three days, special prayers are said, and a holiday with sweets and gifts is arranged. The customs and traditions of Morocco regarding the art of riding that takes place outside the city walls are carefully preserved.

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