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Compliments that you should always say to your man

It is considered that compliments should be given to women. In fact, men are no less pleased to hear flattering words about themselves. You can say that compliments for men are even more important, since they, unlike their halves, rarely pester them with questions: "Do you love me?» or "how do I look today?" But this doesn't mean that guys don't want to hear nice words from their loved ones.

Words that show that the beloved believes in him

It is very important for men to know that a woman believes in him and supports his initiatives. These words make a guy feel like a superhero who is ready to roll mountains. Therefore, you need to tell your man as often as possible that you believe that he will definitely achieve his goals.

Compliments about appearance

Of course, men are not as fixated on their appearance as girls, but they are happy to receive compliments that confirm their attractiveness.

You can praise any part of your man's body, or just emphasize that he is attractive and sexy.

However, when praising a guy's appearance, it is important not to lie or exaggerate. Praise sincerely, because this man you like something, so do not forget to tell him about it.

Note that if you compare the figure of a not too athletic guy with the figure of a young Schwarzenegger, then he may regard it as a mockery, not as a compliment.

Praise for effort

If you want a man to do something for you, be sure to praise him for his effort. For example, if a guy cooked dinner, but not too well, still find something to praise him for. If you criticize him, it is unlikely that he will want to repeat his experiment again.

Do not spare pleasant words of praise for all the little things that he does for you. Remember, if he knows that you appreciate his efforts, that he will try to please you further.

Compliments showing respect

Respect for men is extremely important. Many people value it more than love. Respect is really very important in relationships, so girls should not forget to emphasize this. If a man knows that his woman is proud of him, he "grows wings behind his back."

Compliments in which a woman recognizes his leadership

Whatever they say about gender equality, a real man always strives to be a leader. Compliments, in which the girl emphasizes the superiority of her man, are a real "balm for the soul"for him.

Leave the man the last word in the choice, emphasizing that you trust him. In the end, go for a trick, any smart woman will be able to convince a man that the choice is made by him, even though she decided everything long ago.

Compliments about his sexual abilities

Any man is pleased to know that he is desirable for his girlfriend. Therefore, try to emphasize more often that he is very good in bed. But don't make comparisons. For example, do not say that he is better than your ex. Try never to mention your previous relationship at all. Think for yourself whether it was pleasant to you if you start being constantly compared to an ex-girlfriend.

Compliments from a beloved woman can motivate a man to "conquer the world". So don't forget to say nice words to them more often. But try to speak sincerely, the falsity is very strongly felt, and then the compliment sounds like a mockery or mockery.


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