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City walks in Crete-Heraklion

I decided to write a few notes about the main cities of Crete. However, so far it will only be a few cities that are tourist centers of the island. However, there will not be, for example, Rethymno. Or Malia. But if in the first we just haven't managed to really walk, then the second, from my point of view, does not deserve a separate story, since it is in fact a large night club, which is in abundance in any city. And nothing remarkable except a crowd of people, and in the evening except a crowd of drunk people I did not see there. So I decided to write about the cities that I liked, where you really feel the spirit of Greece, and not the spirit of money or discos, although, I will not hide, in some places the smell of money is also clearly felt. Although, in a sense, every tourist center is a place of trade. But still, the cities of Crete leave a completely different impression. I can say right away that the city that I liked the most is Chania. We passed through different cities and sometimes on the road, sometimes specially stopped by for a walk. Any of the named cities can boast of its own features and attractions. But one thing unites them-the atmosphere of benevolence and quiet fun reigns everywhere. In one of the guidebooks, I met the opinion that Agios Nikolaos is a city where crime is high. We, thank God, have not encountered such behavior, but, of course, there are many unscrupulous people in tourist centers who are ready to profit at the expense of a razzyavy tourist. But, nevertheless, the centers are the hearts of cities, where their pulse beats. City centers are always lively and noisy, although the noise here is more from the number of people, rather than the fact that the people themselves are loud.

Route through the center of Heraklion

I will begin, perhaps, with Heraklion, namely, with its center. Of course, it is impossible to get around everything at once, and even in two. However, there is the easiest and most popular route, after which you will see most of the sights of the Old city. It is appropriate to take a walk from Freedom square, since you can get there by all available means. The only thing is that if you arrive by car, it is best to Park the car on any street outside the old city, where stopping and Parking is allowed. Since it is extremely difficult to do this inside the Old city.

So. We go from Freedom square on any street to the West.

And we get to the main street of the old city of Heraklion-named after August 25. It is not the largest, but it has the most interesting sights, and it leads directly to the sea. It is difficult to get lost in the Old city, it is small. Below you will see the most approximate and small route through the center, following which you will see the main attractions of the center of Heraklion.

But in order. This is the street.

The Greeks are generally like cats – nocturnal people. In the daytime, of course, it is hot, so they go out for a walk after sunset. Here is the same street late at night, at 10 PM.

Morosini Fountain

Immediately at the beginning of the way we see the fountain of Morosini. We were in the center of Heraklion for three years in a row, and it didn't work for two out of three years. It seems that in 2016, its restoration was completed, and it was supposed to work on a permanent basis.

2019-the fountain works!

St. Mark's Basilica or Cathedral

Turn your face down the street and immediately see the Basilica or St. Mark's Cathedral a little to the right. This is one of the most ancient cathedrals on the island. You can find out the history of the Cathedral at this link. Today, the Basilica looks exactly as it was built in the XIII century.

Venetian Loggia

A little further down the street is the Venetian Loggia – another structure of the Venetian era. The Heraklion loggia is a gathering place for dignitaries to discuss current management issues. This is what it has been since its inception, and it has remained so to this day – the Loggia houses the city hall of Heraklion. However, during the capture of Crete by the Turks, the Loggia carried the functions of the Treasury.

A monumental building, huge arches and a recognizable style.

The Church Of St. Titus

After walking just a few dozen steps to the side along the street AGIU titu, you will see a small square, through which you can see the wall of the Church of Saint Titus. In the square there is a fountain with clean water. It's probably ancient, but we haven't been able to find any information on it.

And, passing through the square, you will come to the very Church of St. Titus. This is the Church on the side, just where you will come.

And this is the main entrance. The Church of Saint Titus is probably the most ancient building of all the famous sights of the Old city. It, of course, was rebuilt and reconstructed like everything else, but still the Church originally built on this site dates back to the X century.

The square in front of the Church is always full of people, and on holidays it is decorated.

Like any Church or monastery, the Church of Saint Titus is also richly decorated inside. The heavy wooden chandelier with icons and the wooden altar look very impressive.

Marina of Heraklion and the Venetian shipyards

We go further down the street on August 25 and after a while we get to the Marina of Heraklion. This is a view of 25 August street from the Marina.

And here is Marina herself. How we like such places! Small fishing boats painted in blue look straight, not to say otherwise, cute. And the team Solyanka from them in General as a friendly family looks. Lovely, isn't it?

Admired, now you need to look around. Look to the right. These are The Venetian shipyards.

The Fortress Of Koules

We look straight ahead-the Fortress of Kules of the XIV century. And if we just forgot to go to the shipyards, which we will do, then the fortress was closed for some reason on one of our visits, the second time we were very late, and the third time we were late and did not have time to get to it. It's like some kind of evil fate. Well, nothing, everything is ahead.

The Venetian Church of San Pietro

Go left along the embankment. And just 150 meters away we see another Church – the Venetian Church of San Pietro.

We have described to you the most “main” route, probably, of the Old city in Heraklion.


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