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Chinese men. Features and character. Why are millions of Chinese people left alone?

n recent years, Chinese men are increasingly looking for brides outside their homeland. One of the reasons Chinese suitors are looking westward is because of birth control.

In 1979, the Chinese government imposed a ban on the birth of a second child in the family. According to the principle: "one family - one child." Only in 2015, the restrictions on the number of children for a married couple were lifted. This demographic policy has led to a serious shortage of women. Today, in the PRC, men from 20 to 35 years old are approximately 25 million more than the fairer sex. Rural boys "for marriage" are left without lovers at all. Due to the rapid economic growth, girls and young women are moving to regional centers and nearby cities in search of work and a better life.

The second reason lies in the "bride price".

According to the traditions of the Republic of China, a young man is obliged to buy a house before marriage, as well as provide the parents of the chosen one at least 20 thousand US dollars. The losers are low-income villagers and divorced men with little income, who simply cannot afford the costs of buying a house and a wedding. Moreover, the second time.

Therefore, marriages with foreign women are becoming more common and popular among Chinese job seekers. Brides are still found in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Wealthy Chinese over 30 are eyeing the darlings from America, Japan and Russia. However, even the wealthy face big problems.

1. Chinese grooms have difficulties with marriage agencies. Bachelors focus on the beauty of the applicant, her age (usually girls under twenty are chosen) and, of course, mutual love. This is used by nimble brokers of various marriage firms, who, under a plausible pretext, lure hundreds of dollars to find a suitable candidate. As a result, a lot of money is spent, and for some reason they may not be introduced to the bride: she changed her mind, then she was disappointed, then she married another.

2. Criticism from parents. A young man should form a family strictly before the age of 30. Otherwise, the offensive nickname "shengnan" - unnecessarily, unnecessary, sticks to the aged groom. In order not to face harsh social criticism, parents often arrange blind dates for their sons themselves. To avoid “forced matchmaking”, young people show their relatives or neighbors a “fake bride”. Hiring a girlfriend costs the Chinese from five hundred to one and a half thousand dollars a day.

So who are they - these mysterious sages of the East?

Talk less, work more.

Perhaps one of the main principles of marriage. It is very important for a Chinese man to consolidate the importance and weight of his words in the family. This is treated as selectively as the choice of the State Council. If the Chinese promised something, he will definitely fulfill it. Otherwise, he will have to apologize for an accidentally thrown oath, vow or any offer. An apology for a Chinese gentleman is akin to death. Even if he's wrong. In other words, an apology is a loss of face. But the face for the Chinese is "more important than the truth."

In extreme cases, an apology is made to strangers or specially trained people who are assigned to express regret for an incident. Or they will simply lie well so as not to be guilty in the eyes of loved ones. Maybe that's why foreigners consider some citizens of a great socialist power to be overly cunning and resourceful.

Expression of feelings

reduced to a minimum. Most Chinese men are convinced that romantic family evenings or simply gatherings by candlelight are a waste of time. For a Chinese person, a delicious homemade dinner is more important than watching a movie together or going to a restaurant. A married man rarely hugs or kisses his wife in public. Words of love to your chosen one are pronounced even less often.

Shy and humble.

The Chinese are very chaste in their conversation with each other. They will never brag about their achievements, let alone their well-being. They'd rather showcase two dollar cufflinks than a luxury car parked nearby.

A nebula of questions and answers.

The Chinese man considers it indecent to ask the interlocutor direct questions. He will resort to comparisons or metaphorical formulations so that, God forbid, he does not put the respondent in an uncomfortable position. It is important to learn to read between the lines here. In one version, "maybe it will, perhaps" - will mean "yes." In the other, no.

Direct “yes and no” answers are almost never used.

Formality and coldness in dealing with strangers.

As a rule, the Chinese behave very formally in relations with unfamiliar people. If you came to the market and decided to grease the seller with a kind word, do not expect a special approach to yourself, especially any exceptional discounts. They will politely smile at you and take away the smallest amount from the break-even margin. If you were accepted into your inner circle and made your own through a strictly defined protocol, then wait for the best preferences.

Loud unreasonable laughter.

Many foreigners note that some Chinese men in public places, not paying attention to the late hour, laugh too loudly or talk noisily. The reason for this behavior lies not in poor upbringing, but in the extreme embarrassment of the Chinese people. Chinese people often giggle in stressful situations, laugh or look away when asked personal questions.

Attitude towards money.

To say that Chinese men are focused on business and money is an understatement. The Chinese are obsessed with careers and the desire to get rich. According to the latest poll, three quarters of Chinese people admit that "the most important thing in life is money."

Having saved on food and electricity, the Chinese groom will buy the most expensive iPhone or gold necklace for his beloved.

Characteristics of Chinese men.

Another three or four years, and marriages with Chinese gentlemen will be commonplace for women around the world. What is important to know before meeting the alleged chosen one from China?

Meeting as a launching pad for marriage. If you are used to evaluating a man after several meetings, then get ready that the attitude of the Chinese to a date is completely different. At the very first communication, you will certainly be asked about plans for the future. In the PRC, dating a girl is a long-term commitment to getting married. It is important for a Chinese to know and understand the seriousness of your attitude towards a date with him. Your focus on nepotism is more important for him than the sensual aspect and common interests.

Yes, unexpectedly. But on the other hand, you will never have a feeling of awkwardness before the conversation "and how long will we hide in the corners like this?"

If you break up with your boyfriend for any reason, don't offer him friendship. In China, this is the only way: "if she died, she died."

Conservatism. Never throw a hug and a sense of recognition on a Chinese person. Remember, you are in a more conservative society, and a violent display of emotions will only confuse and scare the Chinese groom.

The guys of the Middle Kingdom are closed in expressing their own feelings. Even if you understand that you like your lover, he will postpone a declaration of love until the last. Be patient and don't panic. Eliminate direct questions: "How do you treat me?", "Do you like me?", "Do you love me?"

Expression of feelings in Chinese. To please you, a Chinese man will surround you with maximum care and attention: heavy bags on him, all your whims will withstand with a smile and pleasure. Oddly enough, but the Chinese love it when women are capricious: stamping their feet or cryingly blowing lips. They consider it the height of perfection and femininity. And for dessert - the Chinese groom takes all the costs and is ready to pay for any whim of the girl he likes.

Be sure to ask you to tell how you got to work or home. They will recommend taking care of yourself and dressing warmly.

Honoring the groom's parents. In China, children remain children for their parents for life. And your family well-being will depend on how your relationship with your father-in-law or mother-in-law will develop. Be prepared for your mother-in-law to come to your bedroom one day and ask how the work on your grandchildren is going.

If the parents of the chosen one do not like you, they can forbid him to meet with you.

Almost impossible. If a Chinese person has elderly parents, a successful business, or a high position in society, he will never leave his country.

"Guest marriage". The Chinese man values ​​his work very much. And if he comes across a lucrative offer of living in another city, he will certainly agree, having agreed with you the forced measures and the "visiting schedule". It happens that children see their fathers once a year. But the opportunity to earn money and become a rich man for the Chinese is more important than the family idyll.

Family is an important part of Chinese culture. In a traditional Chinese family, the man has full responsibility for the welfare and safety of the family. In his hands are concentrated not only funds, but also the authority for making a particular decision. The man is responsible for the decent upbringing and education of minor children.

According to the traditions of China, women are engaged in household chores. Their responsibilities include caring for children and elderly relatives.

Good luck and patience.



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