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Chicago is a city that cannot be forgotten

The city of gangsters, winds and stone jungles — these are the various names of Chicago. Today it is a metropolis with a rich world heritage, impressive architecture and a thriving economy.

City attraction

Chicago is known for its amazing architecture — it is no coincidence that the metropolis is called the city of skyscrapers. Many attractions are located in the open air. The city has many opportunities for cultural leisure or family recreation.

In Chicago, there are:

parks — more than 550;

theaters-more than 200;

art galleries — more than 200;

restaurants — more than 7,300.

Millennium Park (Millennium Park)

The Park, opened in 2004, is located near lake Michigan. Admission is free. There are several famous sites on its territory:

Millennium Monument-fountain with the names of the founders, created in the Greek style;

The Millennium Monument fountain was created in the Greek style

Jay Pritzker Pavilion-a concert venue that combines the greenery of lawns and the glittering steel of the roof in the form of rags of fabric fluttering in the wind;

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion concert venue in Millennium Park has an original roof architecture

Nichols Bridgeway-a bridge connecting the third floor of the Art Institute of Chicago Museum with Millennium Park. From here you can enjoy amazing views of the metropolis, the lake and the Park;

The Nichols Bridgeway in Millennium Park is a great viewing platform

BP Pedestrian Bridge-a bridge resembling a curving silver snake, is an original attraction and a convenient road in Millennium Park. It functions only in the warm season;

The BP Pedestrian Bridge in Millennium Park is only open during the warmer months

Crown Fountain-a fountain opened in 2004. Its features: modern technology, water and light. The 15-meter-high structures facing each other are giant screens depicting the faces of almost a thousand residents of the city. They look around the audience, and then drop a stream of water at an angle of 90 degrees. The idea of the Catalan author Jaume Plensa was to demonstrate the ethnic diversity of Chicagoans. The fountain operates from may to October, in a cold time of the year it only translates the face, but not pours water on visitors;

Crown Fountain in Millennium Park is not only a fountain, but also an art object

McCormick Tribune Plaza-a square that turns into a free skating rink in winter and a cafe in the warmer months;

McCormick Tribune Plaza turns into a skating rink in winter

Cloud Gate — "Cloud gate") is a famous installation created by master Anish Kapoor from Britain. The facility has become a symbol of progressive Chicago and a place of inspiration for fashion artists.

The Cloud Gate installation has become a symbol of Chicago

Built in 2004-2006, the Cloud Gate sculpture is nicknamed "Bob" for its bean-like shape. It consists of 168 sheets of stainless steel, polished so that the outer surface has no visible seams. The size of the object is 10 (height) x 20 (length) x 13 (width) m, weight — about 100 tons. It is believed that the image of the sculpture was inspired by the sight of a drop of mercury. Its surface reflects and distorts the view of the city.

John Hancock Center)

This is a 100-storey skyscraper, whose height is 344 m. The building, located on Michigan Avenue near The Chicago metro station, was built in 1969. The center is known for its observation platform (John Hancock Observatory) on the 94th floor, equipped with a special mechanism that tilts 8 individual booths 30 degrees down.

Opening hours: 9-23h., admission fee - $21 for adults.

Photo gallery: observation deck at John Hancock Center

Willis tower (Willis Tower)

The skyscraper was among the three tallest buildings in the United States. On the 103rd floor there is The Skydeck-a viewing platform consisting of ledges made of transparent glass, which are located at a height of more than 400 m.

Ticket prices: adults - $24, children - $12.

The Skydeck-glass platform on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower

Grant Park

The Park, opened in 1844, is the largest in Chicago and is located in Downtown (business center). Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum Campus and Buckingham Fountain are located on site.

Buckingham Fountain-a Rococo fountain, which is one of the largest in the world. It resembles a cake, and its 4 layers symbolize the States surrounding lake Michigan: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Buckingham Fountain — one of the world's largest Rococo fountains

What to see if time is limited

There are many places in Chicago that are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.

Getting to know Chicago is best to start with an overview view. This can be done from Willis Tower-Skydeck Chicago or the John Hancock Center Observatory.

If time is limited, it is better to take advantage of excursions offered by travel agencies, but you can explore the city yourself — for this purpose, Chicago has all the conditions.

The stone jungle of Chicago impresses every tourist

Bus tour

From April to September, the city runs a Free Trolley that provides access to Chicago attractions. These include Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Michigan Avenue, Art Institute, and others. Travel free of charge.

It will be a pleasure to walk along the Chicago river — the only one in the world, the course of which was changed by the efforts of people in the opposite direction. On the tour, starting at the Navy Pier, the guide will tell you about the city's history, architecture, and famous buildings. The tour will be interesting at any time of the day: during the day you will be able to see the sights of the city, at night-to admire the lights of the night metropolis. Ticket prices:

adult — $40;

children's — $20.

Chicago Water Taxi is another option for a water ride. The cost of a ticket is up to $7, and a 1-day pass is $10.

A walk along the Chicago river will allow you to learn many interesting facts about the city

Part of the subway in Chicago runs at the second floor level. The solution is interesting, but noisy.

Part of the subway lines in Chicago are laid at the level of the second floors of houses

More than two thousand buses run on 140 routes in Chicago and its suburbs. The fare for a city bus or metro is $2.25. you will not be able to Buy tickets from the driver. If you plan to travel a lot on public transport, it is best to buy a ticket at special vending machines or points of sale that are not located at all stops.

Ready-made food can be selected not only in cafes and restaurants, but also in supermarkets, for example, in the Whole Foods chain — organic food stores. Here you can also conduct a tasting before buying and choose only what you really liked the most.

Tourist map of Chicago

When planning an independent trip around Chicago, you should purchase a metro map. It will make it easier to make a tour itinerary.

Chicago is a metropolis that cannot be forgotten. Unique atmosphere, magnificent views from the height of skyscrapers, informative museums and galleries, amazing parks with emerald greenery and amazing sculptures. Life in the city boils at any time of the year, and every traveler will discover their own Chicago.


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