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Cheap Copenhagen: how to get to know the capital of Denmark almost for free?

Kopengagen vkhodit v spisok samykh dorogikh stolits mira. Na otdykh zdes' pridetsya potratit'sya, no nasha zhurnalistka nashla neskol'ko layfkhakov po byudzhetnomu otdykhu v datskoy stolitse.

Copenhagen is on the list of the most expensive capitals in the world. You will have to spend money on vacation here, but our journalist found several life hacks on budget holidays in the Danish capital.

Housing in Denmark is a major expense item. The most acceptable option for matching price and quality was the Copenhagen Backpackers Hostel with curtains that gave at least some privacy.

For 200 crowns per day (1 crown = 0.04 dollars) you get a sunbed in a terribly cramped room 2x3 for 8 people without a kitchen, but with a ban on bringing your own alcohol. But his location was perfect, and if you still came to Copenhagen for a walk and do not intend to spend too much, be guided by the location and safely book the hostel. Urban House Copenhagen and Generator Copenhagen have good reviews, prices and location.

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