I took a deep breath and introduced myself, “Carmen? My name is Jarod.” She looked up and smiled, “Nice to meet you. Your picture on your profile didn’t do any justice. You are even nicer looking in person.” I must have blushed a little as I answered, “Thank you. You are very beautiful.” She was blushing now so I continued, “What would you like to do? It rained last night so some of the walking trails look pretty muddy. I would hate to see you ruin your nice shoes. We could always go somewhere else and talk.”

“That would be nice. My roommate is at my house right now. How about your place?” Her idea sounded very good to me. “Sure. Do you want to follow me in my car, or would you rather go in one vehicle?” I was hoping she would ride with me. That way I could view the eye candy of her legs encased in those black silky nylons. I was already feeling some sensation in my crotch. I was hoping nothing visible would come up. “Let’s take your car. It always makes me nervous to follow someone’s car. I just know I’ll get lost.” I loved her answer. She followed me to my car and I opened the door for her. As she got in, her skirt raised quite a bit. Stockings!!! I caught a glimpse of her beautiful stocking tops. She saw that I noticed and blushed, “Oops. I should pay more attention to my skirt I guess. I’m not used to wearing skirts. Like I said on the phone. I’m usually somewhat of a tomboy.” I’m sure she realized I didn’t mind catching the glimpse.

On the way to my house, I just couldn’t help getting good looks at those legs. I was trying to make sure she didn’t notice a good sized bulge in my pants. She kept looking over at me. Her smile showed that she was very aware of my thoughts. Stockings!!! I couldn’t help but wonder what made her choose stockings over pantyhose. The wonderful thing about stockings is “easy access”. Was she hoping for something to happen? I wondered at that point if she was wearing panties. The ride to my house was pretty much silent until she finally said, “That’s quite a situation you have there in your pants, Jarod. Is something on your mind?” She had noticed.

“Do you want the short answer, or the long answer?” I thought I’d play along with her game.

“The short answer is verbal. The long answer will have to wait until I can show you what’s on my mind.” I was so enjoying this. This was a dream come true. I was 29, and she was a month away from 19. She was a very sexy young lady and she was playing a long with my nylon attraction. Could it get any better?

To be continued...

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