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Capricorn Horoscope. May 3, 2020


May 3, 2020- The planetary alignment at play today cuts through any thoughts, ideas, or idealized visions you may have harbored about someone, and brings you directly into contact with the person themselves. This may be an interaction that seems out of the blue, which takes you by total surprise because you won't be prepared for what is about to happen next. They aren't like you imagined, but you find them incredibly attractive anyway. Go for it!


Apr 27, 2020 - May 3, 2020- This period is about career and authority figures. You may have looked up to someone for a long time only to realize that you now have the same or greater level of experience as him or her. It's time for you to assume a new role in your life and accept the responsibilities that come with it. When you do, you will find that you have grown into being the sort of person you've most admired all along.


May 3, 2020- Today's planetary alignment gives you the freedom to take your feelings seriously, without being tricked by the "serious expectations" you may put on yourself at other times of the month. What does expanding your horizons mean to you? It might be time to find out - or, if you know what gives you a boost, go ahead and ask for it! Try to engage in a moving meditation such as yoga, coloring, or stream of consciousness writing by hand to get in touch with your subconscious desires.


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May 3, 2020

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