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Capricorn Horoscope. May 11, 2020


May 11, 2020- When you can't speak openly, honestly, and freely, you naturally feel very limited and restricted, which is not your style at all. A date this evening may have just this effect on you. Due to today's astral configuration, you find that you can't be natural, and therefore have a problem in knowing what to say next. Shake this mood off and just start conversing about anything and everything - and the mood will change dramatically.


May 4, 2020 - May 10, 2020 - With the Universe affecting your career, you may be all about the past, as in past jobs, past career choices, or even past employers. But a harmonious aspect affects your house of past lives, karma, and institutions, so it may not be a bad idea to pay attention to the more esoteric aspects of your life. What you do for a living affects others, no matter how much money you make. Make sure it's something that doesn't leave karmic implications later, otherwise some future version of yourself is going to have to pay the consequences. Do your future a favor by focusing on doing your best in the present.


May 11, 2020- There is a planetary energy acting like fire and water when joined together, and it makes you feel "charged". To picture this energy, imagine an Olympic swimmer. Think of the drive and force necessary to move through the pool. This kind of energy is somehow affecting you now. To stay calm and collected, it will benefit you to do some exercise that expands your lungs with air. And in doing so, you will realize that you can indeed achieve balance.


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