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Cancer Horoscope. Apr 28, 2020


Apr 28, 2020- Your love interest may seem to be especially stubborn about an issue that you really would like to have sorted out. alignment at play today indicates that arguing over it won't really be very productive. You would be better to list the reasons that you both have for wanting to act in the way you do, and then discuss them civilly and politely if this is possible.


Apr 27, 2020 - May 3, 2020- This period is about harmonious aspects bringing love into your home life and allowing warm feelings and memories to emerge. At the same time, you're encouraged to open up about them and maybe even use key themes and insights that emerge right now to inform your work. Allow your imagination to run wild and you may find that you're full of great ideas that will generate more money for you and your loved ones.


Apr 28, 2020- The day's planetary aspect offers a good reminder to make sleep your priority. Remember that sleep nurtures you more than anything. Many people find themselves restless at bedtime. When the world quiets down at night, for many it seems like the volume on their thoughts gets turned way up, making it difficult to relax and drift off to sleep. It can help to establish a routine, like what you may have done as a child, to remember how to properly fall asleep. Finding it hard to pry your phone out of your hands even though you are mentally and physically exhausted? Try leaving it in the other room, or using it to play a guided meditation or hypnosis session designed to help you sleep.


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