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Cancer Horoscope. Apr 19, 2020


Apr 19, 2020- The present astral configuration may mean that you overreact to information, without taking the time to check out whether it could be true or not. Your feelings may be on a hair trigger, which could inflame a situation that is not actually anything too much to worry about. If you and your sweetheart want to be on good terms, stop and think before you speak.


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- You have some challenges when it comes to your home life and inner emotions. You may worry about being able to afford your lifestyle or even keep your home now. But with a harmonious Universe, you'll be able to refinance, raise additional funds, or ask for a loan if you need to. It's a fortunate time, so don't be shy.


Apr 19, 2020- You are no stranger to change, but it may take some reining in of your personal power in order to direct your ability to change constructively. Imagine you are both your own father and your own mother (depending on your age, this will be easier or harder to do), and create your boundaries - your actions and language, your limits in relationships, your requirements on the job - and you are also in charge of nurturing yourself with the food, the rest, the exercise, the affection you need to survive. Don't forget to give yourself a lot of positive reinforcement!

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