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Best romantic books

The best romantic books are about love that is pure and beautiful, sacrificial and unselfish. The one that is above all and stronger than any circumstances. About this kind of love they say "it doesn't happen", "like in the movies", but ... still, everyone would like to experience exactly this feeling.

Love is beautiful and tragic Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare

The classic tragedy of the beginning of the romantic era "Romeo and Juliet", where the center of all events is, of course, love. The Montagues and Capulets, two old families of Verona, are engaged in civil wars. But one day Romeo Montague secretly enters the celebration in the house of his enemies and sees the young Juliet. So begins one of the most beautiful and sad love stories.

Real friendship and love Three comrades Erich Maria Remarque

The novel "Three companions" needs no introduction. The relationship of the main characters, the classic characters of Remark, has long been turned into a model of male camaraderie. Still, after so many editions and reissues, theater and film plays! With the development of social networks, the sad story of friends from the Weimar Republic receded into the background. The love line between Robert Locamp and Patricia Holman came to the fore. Every self-respecting girl's community "Vkontakte" makes repost images and dreams of an equally fervent love.

You must believe in miracles Scarlet sails Alexander Green

Waiting for their Prince for girls has long turned into a sad joke. Whether on a white horse or under scarlet sails, alone or surrounded by friends and girlfriends – it doesn't matter. And what about Alexander green's "Scarlet sails", a poignant story about how if you are sure of something, you will definitely get it? If Soll treated the dream of her entire life with the same cynicism, who knows-maybe the cherished ship would have sailed by. "Guys, you have to believe in miracles."

Patience, and everything will happen Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte

What is Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre if not a Cinderella story with a happy ending? A hundred times she could have given up her dreams of Mr. Rochester. But she didn't, and she was rewarded. Love novels of the XIX century teach us to believe in true love and not to waste time on small things in order to get an award in the final.

Love does not require possession Letter from an unknown woman Stefan Zweig

The famous Novella "letter of a stranger" by the master of psychological riddles and unexpected plots Stefan Zweig begins with the fact that its main character (the famous writer R.) receives a letter from an unknown woman. From the message, he learns that this woman has loved only him all her life, and the letter describes all the cases when their paths crossed in life.

Quote: "I didn't want to bind myself, I wanted to be free for you at any hour. Somewhere, in the innermost depths of my soul, I still had the old childhood dream that you would call me again, if only for one hour. And for this one possible hour, I have given up everything to be free and come at your first call. What has my whole life been since I awoke from childhood but waiting, waiting for your whim!»

Love never ends PS I love you Cecilia Ahern

Cecilia Ahern began writing the novel "P.S. I love you" about thirty-year-old Holly Kennedy, when she herself just turned 20. And where did she get all this from-about women in their thirties, husbands passing away, and the fact that love continues no matter what? A love affair with a pretension to intelligence immediately made the young Ahern a highly paid writer and a favorite of all romantics.

Memories of first love A walk to remember Nicholas Sparks

"Hurry to love" is a novel by the master of telling love stories Nicholas sparks. The quiet town of Beaufort. Every year, Landon Carter comes here to remember the story of his first love… The story of passion and tenderness that many years ago linked him, a guy from a rich family, and Jamie Sullivan, the modest daughter of a local pastor. A story of joy and sadness, happiness and pain. The story of a feeling that a person has to experience only once in their life – and remember forever…

Best novel in half a century English patient Michael Ondatje

Michael Ondatje's the English patient, a story of burned body and soul, won the Booker prize in the nineties. In a semi-abandoned Villa in Florence, just after the end of world war II, several disillusioned characters gather. The most mysterious of them is a man burned beyond recognition, about whom everyone knows only that he is English. His memories of his past life are fragmentary, but when they are able to piece them together, everyone is surprised. Love stories of such power are always surprising. In 2018, the book won the Golden Booker and was recognized as the best novel of the last half-century.

A good man can be loved even in his absence The time traveller's wife Audrey Niffenegger

"She loved him, and he loved her. But it rarely coincided in time." "The time traveler's wife" by Audrey Niffenegger is a love story that has to overcome serious obstacles. Henry has an unusual genetic trait – he moves through time. In one of these movements, he saw his wife, and it does not matter that she was then 5, and he was 32. Those who have information about the past and future will find a way to achieve the love of the girl of their dreams. Their story could have been perfect and was perfect, but only when they coincided in time. There is a slight tinge of sadness in it, because "it's hard to be the one who stays."

The Saga of first love Twilight Stephanie Mayer

"Twilight" is the first book of the young vampire trilogy by writer Stephanie Mayer. Winner of all possible statuses like "editor's Choice of the New York Times", "Best book of the year Publishers Weekly" and millions of copies. It's about vampires and American school, but mostly about love. Ninety-year-old vampire Edward, hiding in the image of an American schoolboy, and Bella, a girl with a difficult fate, will love each other with that first piercing love, more important than which, it seems, there is nothing. The first feeling is the most touching and powerful, and thank you Mayer for once again reminding you how it happens.

Live to love The notebook Nicholas Sparks

Movie fans have been arguing hoarsely with fans of the book "Diary of memory" for years, which is better-the original source or the film adaptation? Both the novel by Nicholas sparks and the film directed by Nick Cassavetes are very good and tell about the love of young people from two different social strata. The story is so powerful and true that you want to shed a tear and perform "Eternal love, live to love"standing up. The book is considered the strongest in sparks, and after all, he has at least 8 novels that have become successful adaptations of "love story"

From hate to love Pride and prejudice Jane Austen

Sarcastic Elizabeth can't stand Mr. Darcy, and he doesn't like her either. Of course, they will soon fall in love with each other. But what about her terrible family? The details are in Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice.

A true romantic lives for love The Great Gatsby Francis Scott Fitzgerald

To fall in love with a woman and seek her love at the risk of everything – only a true romantic can do this. Like the character in the Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.


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