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Aries Horoscope. Jun 30, 2020


Jun 30, 2020- The current astral configuration brings a touch of lunacy into your love life, in the nicest possible way. If you are able to go out to a small party or social gathering, then be prepared to meet up with someone who will certainly bring a smile to your lips. They may even seem a little crazy, but after recent events, you will find them to be a breath of fresh air.


Jun 29, 2020 - Jul 5, 2020- You have strong abilities in the money department this week. At this time, you are enjoying the fruits of the cosmic electricity that now occurs in the area of your chart associated with money and your values. This also covers your own personal values - at work and in relationships. What do you bring to the table that no one else does, and how can you make it pay off for you? Figure this out and use it to your benefit.


Jun 30, 2020- You certainly like certainty, and with such strong celestial energy, you may find yourself feeling a little faint of heart today. Dig into what you know and fortify yourself with protective surroundings. This means sticking to your exercise regimen, not crawling under the covers for 'fear of the marketplace!' Push yourself to stick to your healthy habits - fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water - then get to bed early so you have time to lounge and experience the comfort of your bed!


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