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Are you ready for Dating?

No! You are not ready to date!.. Don't get too excited… You don't have to believe me. To be honest, if I were you, I wouldn't believe myself. But if you are so confident that you are ready to storm a female fortress with a member at the ready, then you will not mind if I ask you to prove it to me with a simple test about what you are looking for in a woman and what you can offer her. Earn one point for each correct answer. SITUATION 1. You see a sexy woman in a bar, and she sees you. You: Invite her to play Darts, Billiards, or any other game you have mastered; the stakes are such that the winner gets everything. Quickly turn away before she notices your interest, tell your friends that you like this thing, and find various excuses not to talk to her until she leaves. Loudly suggest that she climb up on the bar so that you can admire her ass before you go there. You send her a drink, approach her, introduce yourself, and assume that your wit and charm will complete the rest. If you are Antonio Banderas, then (4) may work, but if not, you will only waste time. If you answered (3), you'd better go to a student hangout, because if a woman values herself so low, you don't want to Wake up in her bed. No points for the answer (3), unless you are actually at a student hangout. I like the answer (1) because you do what you usually do in a bar, and if she agrees to sleep with you for a lost game of pool, you'll probably get along well. In addition, you show your intentions from the very beginning, so if you then attack her, she will have no reason to complain.

SITUATION 2. First date. You ended the exchange of pleasantries, told a joke, and eased the initial tension. She starts talking. The first important words that you would like to hear, of your choice: "I'm not hungry. Want to fuck?" "How do you feel about animal violence?" Any made-up nonsense. "You look a lot like my brother." The correct answer is (3). Remove one point for any other answer, because you should not date women who say such things on the first date! SITUATION 3. You are sitting at a table on the first date, and at this moment a man asks your girlfriend for her phone number. You: Grab the nearest fork and yell: "Now I'll show you the number!", count the prongs and with a cry of" Four! " stick a fork in his eye. The girl will see how strong and determined you are (just like the other guy). Do nothing. It all depends on her reaction. You smile and say: "Take my number, too, because that's where you'll find her more often." Get up and leave. Any woman who gives another man the "you can get my phone number" signal on the first date with you will cheat on you within a week. The correct answer is (3). It shows that you are confident and in control of the situation. SITUATION 4. You are going on a third date with a girl; the first two went well. Do you expect that during this date there will be: Sex. Anal sex. She'll cook something. All of the above. If you answered "anal sex", then she is a whore. Sorry, there's nothing you can do. If you answered "all of the above", then you already have all the answers. Correct answer (3) with the hope of a cheeseburger and sex as a condiment. [The typical man goes on a date with a "be it what it will" attitude, leaving himself to chance. But you should only rely on improvisation in the case of the average girl. Going on a first date with a beautiful woman, the very sight of which makes your pulse quicken and your throat dry, you can not do without a clear consistent plan of action. The "just talk" option won't help here. You must be able to arouse interest and trust from the girl (otherwise she is unlikely to agree to sit in your car or be in your bed), skillfully conduct self-promotion (to give her a reason to distinguish you from the crowd of suitors), track her non-verbal reactions and signals (and respond to them in time), translate communication into a sexual context (including tactile), etc. All this you can learn in practice in real conditions at the pickup training Academy of Dating with the use of special equipment hidden communication.]

SITUATION 5. You've been Dating for two months. One day she looks around your apartment critically and asks: "You know what you're missing here?» How will you react? You will cover your ears and prepare to declare the end of your relationship with her. Turn off the TV and listen with interest. After all, that's why you got a girlfriend, isn't it? No reaction. She can say anything. Turn off the TV and listen carefully, because she is actually talking about what she lacks in you, disguising it as the shortcomings of your apartment to soften the blow. This is an example of a problem that comes out of nowhere, as often happens in a relationship between a man and a woman. You can earn a point for any answer. Remember, this is a woman. You will never know why she says such things, so be content with sex and home cooking. SITUATION 6. You've been Dating one girl for six months, and then you meet another girl at a party. She is very beautiful, sweetly talks to you and gives you her phone number without any initiative on your part. The next day, a friend finds a piece of paper with the number in your pocket. How will you react? "What? It's not mine. Call this number if you don't believe it." "What? Oh, this is Peter's phone. I told you about him. His pram broke down, and I was going to help him today." "Why the hell are you going through my pockets?" "Some girl put it in my pocket last night. Jealous?" The correct answer is (4). You have a choice, and she should know about it. It will keep her in good shape. SITUATION 7. You have known the girl for two years, and you have a lot of connections as friends, but you want to go to the next level. You: You rent a couple of movies, invite her over, cook dinner, and make your move. You pump her up with alcohol and make your move. You suddenly grab her and start kissing her, hoping that she will mistake her complete lack of self-control for a genuine and frenzied passion. You realize that you are her friend and will always remain only a friend, unless you do something stupid — such as suddenly kissing her or getting her drunk and making your move (otherwise you are a pathetic, weak-willed rag). If you answered anything other than (4), then write off all your points, take time off work, and think seriously about your personal life. SITUATION 8. You first meet her friends at a party. You don't know anyone but her. You: Stay close to her, follow her example and try to charm everyone around you. They must see that you are together now. You flirt with her friends, bully her friends, find one who has dated her before, and start a fight. You behave exactly as if you came alone, but you take her into a corner at every opportunity. Keep cool and distant. You don't let me know what you're thinking. Leave early because you need to "make an important appointment".

All answers are correct (or incorrect) to varying degrees. In order to earn a point, you must choose the most correct answer, i.e. (3), because she really wants to show her friends that you are now together. Next in order will be the answer (4), since it never hurts to be mysterious, and all her friends will discuss you after you leave (which is why you leave early). Do you understand? SITUATION 9. You've been Dating a woman for about six months. Recently, they suspected that she might be cheating on you. Your actions? Challenge her to a Frank conversation. If she admits it's true, leave her. If she denies it, stay together. Challenge her to a Frank conversation. If a woman admits that she is having an affair, ask if it is about another woman. If so, ask if you can join them. If she denies everything, stay together. Find any way to stay together. If you've been together that long, then it's something important to you. At least important enough to try to forget the image of someone else's man in your friend's bed. Challenge her to a Frank conversation. If she admits it's true, leave her. If she denied it, he would still leave her. Here's a little truism I invented: if you think she's cheating on you, she's cheating on you, even though she won't admit it for the rest of her life. So the only correct answer is (4). (however, remove one point for not checking first to see if she is Dating another woman.) SITUATION 10. You just had sex with your friend for the first time. Your first words: "Is it okay if I wipe my dick on a pillowcase?» "If I had known you were so good, I would have let you order a lobster!" "I love you. It's true... right now." "Okay, it's late, and I have to go. Maybe I'll call you later." This is the most important point, and if you chose one of the above points, you lost all the points you gained. Whether it was a one-night stand or the love of your life, you should KEEP your MOUTH SHUT! The importance of this advice cannot be overemphasized. It attaches great importance to everything you can say after the first time, and whatever you say will be wrong. Shut up, let her talk, stroke her hair, and don't get out of bed to take a leak. She should get up first. Answer only direct questions, and then KEEP your MOUTH SHUT. Let's move on to scoring points… You answered the last question incorrectly. Don't try to deny it. Obviously, You're not ready to date yet. You may not even be ready to talk to women.

However, apart from the last question, if you scored from 1 to 11 points, then your situation is slightly better. Perhaps you can start Dating. Everything will be fine, don't worry. Even if you don't, I'm sure the woman you meet will let you know if something goes wrong. I'm sure you'll follow her advice - first about Dating, then about your clothes, food, and every remaining minute of your life. After six months, she will advise you which hand to hold your penis in when you are in the toilet. In another six months, you'll be sitting on a push to pee... I'm sorry, but you're not ready to date yet. This means, my friend, that it is time to improve…


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