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Are Italian men good lovers?

Italian men, like men from most Latin countries (Brazilians, Spaniards), are very charming creatures. The Italian man is a real master in the art of seduction, he allows a woman to feel as if she is the only woman on the planet. Italians really know what ladies like gifts and compliments, their polite manners and ways of adoring women bribe. Perhaps, men from Italy are the most romantic of all the male kind. They send dozens of romantic messages and call you nothing but"Amore Mio!". But this is just the beginning.

How can you please your Italian friend in terms of gifts? Most likely, it will be perfectly matched to your right size designer clothing, Italian leather bags with a still preserved smell of leather, French perfume or good books with a written Declaration of love from the inside. It's all charming, but will it all be sincere?

Italian men what to expect from them

You can't expect an Italian man to be faithful, it's just not in his genes. Gucci, Pucci or Prada… Talking about fashion in an Italian guy usually causes more interest than most women. For example, he may take a long time to style his hair and try on a dozen suits before going to work. He spends more time in the bathroom than anyone else. He's a bit of a dandy.

Italian men's relationships with each other are also interesting. An Italian man is often very emotional and fun to communicate with friends, while flirting a little. From the outside, it may seem for a moment that he is gay. But this is only from the outside, because in fact, he loved too many women. Men in Italy are polygamous creatures, and it is common and quite popular for them to have a mistress today.


Another interesting thing about the Italian man is that he behaves very gentlemanly. He will carry your bags, escorting you right to the door of your house. He must make sure that you are safely back home, even if you have to go back on several buses or take a taxi yourself. Why are they being so gallant? I think they just like women, it's a cultural issue.

However, if you have an Italian fan, do not lose your head, be vigilant. He probably has a wife and two children in Italy, a mistress in Poland, and half a dozen other friends he met online, in an office, or in a store. At the same time, he will say how much he adores you and that he just can't wait to introduce you to his mother. He will talk about your future together, that you will live with him in Italy, and he will teach you Italian, the language of love. He lies, so much so that he believes his own lies. He lies to you, he lies to her, he lies to himself. What to do? Just roll your eyes, feel blissful, and don't believe a word he says. Instead of making plans together, start making plans for how best to leave your lover. Don't buy into his generosity and charm. But it is necessary to part well, because Italian men are very good friends, and there are not many good friends.

Are Italian men really good lovers? I would like to think that they are passionate, loving and affectionate. In General, this is exactly the case. But sex for an Italian man is a simple and necessary process, like eating a plate of pasta with Basil, sprinkled with Parmesan. Indeed, they are good lovers, but not only with you, but with everyone. Sex for an Italian is like a hobby, a sport, a vocation. Is it worth having an amorous relationship with a resident of Italy? Why not? Only this should be treated correctly and not build castles in the air and illusions.

In the end, such a relationship will not only give you a lot of pleasant moments, but you will still be able to learn a little Italian and learn how to cook lasagna correctly. This is all a life experience that ultimately makes us richer, and our life more rich and beautiful, like an aged Italian red wine.


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