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Aquarius Horoscope. May 4, 2020


May 4, 2020- The planetary alignment at play today gives you the ability to be both detached from, yet very much together with a certain person whom you currently find quite fascinating. You are watching to see what makes them tick, and also to decide whether they are the catch that you think they are. But you also find them so witty and so marvelous to chat with that you will enjoy yourself no matter what.


Apr 27, 2020 - May 3, 2020- A fortunate aspect brings luck to your house of education, languages, and spirituality. Lately, you've had your eyes on the horizon, wondering how to get your products and services into a larger market. As you consider the steps necessary to do this, don't dismiss the ideas that seem the craziest. You may find supporters in the strangest of places.


May 4, 2020- Giving in to what you feel like doing every minute of the day can be a wonderful fantasy but not a very healthy practice! Having a body is a bit like having a job, and you can make this either the best or the most challenging job you ever have! A regular, well-thought-out program is recommended for a positive "working relationship" with your body. Begin to notice whether you give your body a real vote in the daily decisions you make about your health.

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