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Aquarius Horoscope. Jul 8, 2020


Jul 8, 2020- Don't let your usual worries stop you from going out and having a really good time this evening. The current celestial energy encourages you to dress in some of your most individualistic clothes, and to really make sure you look your best. If you’re able to go out to socialize, you could meet a person who will be bowled over by your unique and original style - so it is worth the time and trouble.


Jul 6, 2020 - Jul 12, 2020- This week the planetary energy may make your money situation seem out of your reach, or money issues out of your control, but you have more influence than it appears. You may be trying to come up with new ideas, or even taking on new work. But for the next month or so, it may be hard to get ahead. You may even be thinking about changing your career or going after a new position. Waiting until the next season is a better option at this time.


Jul 8, 2020- The world has changed since last year, and no one of us is immune to changes occurring in our personal lives. "Giving" has taken on new meaning: we must give of our minds, not our pocketbooks. We must open up to a new way of living with others. Take this period of change seriously, and you will not be left behind. Yoga is a wonderful practice for giving power to the mind to show the body a new way of being.


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