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Aquarius Horoscope. Apr 28, 2020


Apr 28, 2020- Today's position of the heavenly bodies could be just what you need to create the necessary changes in a certain relationship. You may wonder just how you are going to go through with this, but it is this somewhat defensive attitude that has been stopping you from making progress. Today you will find that you have all the necessary courage and energy to do what needs to be done.


Apr 27, 2020 - May 3, 2020- A fortunate aspect brings luck to your house of education, languages, and spirituality. Lately, you've had your eyes on the horizon, wondering how to get your products and services into a larger market. As you consider the steps necessary to do this, don't dismiss the ideas that seem the craziest. You may find supporters in the strangest of places.


Apr 28, 2020- With today's planetary movements, it's time to look at your what foods you’ve been eating regularly and how it's affecting your emotions. Practice taking a good look at how you are feeling when you get ready for bed and when you get ready for work in the morning. Do you feel strong and flexible, calm, and relaxed? Food has a tremendous impact on how we process our emotions, both what we eat and how we eat it. Start paying closer attention, it may be time to re-examine some of your habits like eating while taking in a particularly upsetting news segment, or eating at your desk because you don’t feel you can afford the time it takes to take a proper lunch break.


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