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About women was now a little bit about men, but women's opinion of course..

The ancient Greeks were the first to pay attention to the connection between vegetation on the human body and its love, but this does not mean that a 'hairy' man will necessarily show himself as a passionate lover (unfortunately, we do not always know how to use the advantages given by nature). However, as shown by sociological surveys, women rely on their own intuition in choosing a partner, as well as on the stereotypes of the collective unconscious.

Brunettes. Most of the fairer sex admitted that they prefer brunettes. Perhaps their choice of men with this hair color is due to a subconscious orientation: the dark gene is dominant, there are much more dark-haired, therefore-they are more fertile, more affluent in intimate terms. In addition, men of the Mediterranean type (burning brunette Italians, Spaniards) are known for their violent temperament. Maybe that's why dark hair is so attractive to women.

Blonds. Natural blondes have always been a rarity, and the light gene is recessive. In this sense, nature has endowed the fair-haired with a priori individuality. Perhaps, Blonds are associated in women with tall handsome men of the Nordic type (Norwegians, Swedes), known for a soft but determined character. Moreover, light hair is an indicator of high blood levels of estrogen, which is responsible for fertility.

Brown hair. Genetically, brown hair is a harmonious combination of a temperamental dark gene and a softer light one. Brown hair color is not as noticeable as bright light and dark, respectively, brown-haired men tend to attract a woman with personal qualities. The women surveyed note that brown hair is balanced, courteous and gallant.

Bald. In fourth place for attractiveness to the female sex - men with a bare skull. There is an opinion that bald men are much more temperamental and efficient than the owners of lush hair. This statement is true only if baldness started early enough and its cause is increased production of male hormones. Some women find the top of their head unprotected by hair touching, while others consider a shaved head a sign of the bravery and extravagance of its owner.

Red. The owners of this hair color were the least lucky in terms of attention from the female sex. Perhaps this is due to the prevailing stereotype: since the time of Shakespeare, red hair has been associated with deception, if a woman's share of cheating looks organic, then a man's - repels. But this is again very subjective, because the Celtic warriors, as no one distinguished by fearlessness and ferocity of character, had this hair color-a fiery red hair. However, let's not forget that opinion polls do not always accurately reflect the nature of things. Often, the preference for a certain type of man is imposed on us by fashion. So, since the birth of cinema, up to the 80's in romantic films as heroes of lovers and seductive villains were filmed brunettes (Gregory peck, Clark gable, Alain Delon). New time - a new type of hero-lover (blondes Dolph Lundgren, Brad pitt, David Beckham).


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