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A Sensual Guide to Essential Oils for Sex

We use essential oils for different kinds of uses, be it lowering stress or calming down — but are you aware of the power of essential oils for sex? Sometimes you might feel stressed or insecure, but you still want to enjoy the intimacy of your significant other — don’t fret! You can use essential oils as a natural and holistic method to improve your libido and sensual confidence.

Not sure how or where to start? Read our guide below to learn more: Why Use Essential Oils for Sex? Essential oils are an affordable, versatile, and convenient way in improving your health and quality of life. They’re used in relieving pain, cramps, and headaches which helps in relaxing and sleeping. It’s also another way to provide energy which invigorates your senses and helps with alertness and focus. They are powerful, potent elixirs that can shift emotions, hormones, stress response, and enhance the mood in a room. Of course, you have to get the best ones to enjoy all these benefits, such as the options available at http://www.priimeoils.com/terryclark How to Use Essential Oils There are many ways to use essential oils and the most popular is by using humidifiers and diffusers. You can also open up the bottle and inhale it or dab it onto cotton balls or fabric. Try mixing it into your water before taking a bath or a shower. You can also add just a few drops (1-2 drops) of essential oil into your drinks. Here are a few essential oils to spice up your troubles in the bedroom:

1. Elevates The Mood Clary Sage is a recommended essential oil for female stimulation. It helps balance hormonal shifts of women, such as menopause, and helps to bring some relief. It’s a libido booster that helps women get into the mood and increase natural lubrication.

2. Romance Classic The rose oil is one of the most popular essential oil and it’s emotionally uplifting. It aids in removing emotional stress and performance anxiety. It creates a romantic mood between partners as it supports your blood flow to the nether regions.

3. Liven Up Your Senses Jasmine is usually mixed into soap, perfume, or sensual massage oil for both men and women. It helps liven up your senses, making you more aware and alert. It helps in increasing behavioural arousal and helps in your “sexual awakening”.

4. Relieve The Tension Sandalwood oil helps improve libido due to its ability to help in mental clarity and relieving stress. It prevents spasms and contractions making it easy to release tension and relax the body. It’s an essential oil for sexual arousal and is typically known to attract women.

5. Have An Invigorating Night  Looking for something bitter-sweet but also sensual and freshening? Try out Ylang-ylang! It’s the most powerful aphrodisiac essential oil. It increases your sexual energy and encourages a more sensual and erotic experience while supporting your circulatory system and mental health.

Make Your Nights Unforgettable Testing out new things in the bedroom can be something to get excited about! Keep in mind to be careful and check if you have any allergies on the essential oil you intend to get. We hope we were able to help you! kikidatingtravel.com

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