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A kiss that will be remembered for a lifetime. Six ways to diversify a kiss

Now I will tell you some interesting tricks that will help make a kiss with you very memorable, and diversify your prelude, or Saturday night.

Strawberry kiss

You take a strawberry (or other berry) in your mouth and in the process of kissing the partner should eat all the treats in pieces and then lick your lips so that not a drop is lost.

Kiss with berries

The first is a kiss with berries. Prepare the berries that you and your partner like in advance. Naturally, the berries should be fresh. You can use raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, the benefit is now in supermarkets all year round summer. Take the berry in your mouth and pass it to your partner as if feeding it. Then kiss him gently and passionately. The sweet taste of the berry will bring newness and fresh sensations to the kiss

Kiss with ice cream

This kind of kiss is good even for a first date. Take ice cream and as if accidentally stain the tip of the partner's nose, and then the lips, and light gentle kisses lick this ice cream. This is very erotic! Don't even doubt that your partner will be thrilled.

Kiss with whipped cream

You need to buy a can of whipped cream in advance, and during foreplay, apply them to different parts of your partner's body. gently lick them off him, and then go to the passionate kisses of your partner. This is very exciting, and I think that in this case you will not get off with just kissing.

Chocolate kiss

To do this, take a piece of chocolate and melt it in your mouth. After that, when you kiss, pass the piece to your partner. This way you can transfer it until it completely melts. This method works perfectly with the French kiss.

Kiss of ice

Put a piece of ice in your mouth, and start kissing your partner not just on the lips. An excellent option is to alternate hot kisses with touching a piece of ice to the kissed parts of the body. Contrasting sensations between heat and cold are very exciting and make you concentrate on your feelings as much as possible.

Hot kiss

Prepare in advance and blindfold your partner. Let it be a pleasant surprise for him or her. After that, fill your mouth with some hot drink so that the mouth is warm. But do not overdo it, too hot sensations are unlikely to please anyone, including you. Remember that the more intimate the place for a kiss, the more pleasant it will be


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