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A date to the movies. What to do and what to talk about with a girl

Arrange a date at the movies-a romantic and interesting idea. This is a useful and emotional time spent together. If you are worried, you can calm down by enjoying the movie and the company of a person who is cute. To go to the cinema does not spoil the high mood, it is worth following a few tips. Perhaps they will help strengthen the nascent feelings.

Preparing for a meeting

1. Ask your partner to choose a movie to appear tactful. If you want to be an intelligent person in the eyes of a girl or boy, ask them to choose the movie you want to go to. Let the other half choose what they want to see. It is difficult to overestimate the nobility of a beautiful gesture. • For example, you can find out: "what Would you like to see on the big screen? "or:" there Are new movies, do you want to see?» 2. Define the movie together or give a choice. If you have information, tell us a summary of the picture you plan to see, but without revealing the intrigue. Provide a choice of options and together choose the appropriate one. This way the desires of both will be satisfied. * By agreeing to watch a movie chosen by a friend, you will let them know that you are ready to compromise, and this indicates a good upbringing of the stronger sex. • Say: "Let's make a common decision and laugh at the Comedy?" or " I Suggest that we enjoy what we both enjoy» 3. Be dressed in a practical and casual way. Visiting the cinema makes the meeting atmosphere informal. Do not choose evening dresses and expensive jewelry. Too strict suits and ties. Wear something you feel confident in.

• If the young man is the object of love, and you want to respond to the sympathy-heels, dress or skirt are appropriate. 4. Set a time for the partner. When you decide on a movie, get in touch and determine the date of the meeting. When you set up a date, mention how much you expect the event to happen. • Example: "Meet me at the Central hall at 20.00. Looking forward to 19.59» 5. Try to get to the cinema earlier. Try to arrive 15 minutes before the session. Having extra time, you will not need to rush, and run into the hall when the lights are off. You will be confident and consistent. Wait for the girlfriend inside, having bought tickets in advance, or near the entrance of the institution. * Try to do this: make an early appointment with a friend in advance to buy sweets and take comfortable seats. At this rate, the meeting from the first minutes will be calm and relaxing.

During the date, be natural and good-natured

1. say Hello to your friend and meet her with an open smile. As soon as you see a nice face at the movie center, look into your eyes and let us know how happy this company is. Be balanced and Frank. * Hugs and a kiss on the cheek are allowed only if you are absolutely sure that it is decent. Do you remember if you were greeted like this before? Do not exclude that the girl does not like to display emotions in front of strangers. 2. if you want, ask the lady to pay for the ticket. Paying for a movie session, you will show a serious attitude. Do this, knowing that you have the necessary amount and it is not the last money in the budget. Whether you pay for a lady's ticket or not doesn't mean you don't care about her. * Individual couples prefer to share leisure expenses equally, considering this a fair decision. * Do not give in to the prejudice that a man must Finance expenses. Do it at your own discretion. 3. Recommend your partner to buy Goodies for the movie show. Before you take the seats in the hall, stock up on popcorn or a treat. Make sure you have enough time in order not to miss the beginning of the story. * Think about fresh breath-stock up on fragrant caramels and drink. * Take advantage of the reception - take snacks, if a friend provided tickets - it's fair. 4. Select the appropriate places where the screen visibility is comfortable for both. Nothing should distract from the cinema. Frequent viewers consider the seats in the back and in the middle to be the best in sound. * Give your partner a choice if you are not principled. 5. Pay attention to your friend's body language during the on-screen action. Watch how it is adjusted to you. If she tries to be closer , it means that she cares about you, and it's good for her to be close. At the same time, it can look for your eyes and smile. * If the companion moves away, withdraws, and hands are crossed-this indicates discomfort and rejection of your company. * Keep in mind, it is able to join hands because of the cold, and keeping a distance, saves space. Feel free to ask about it to control the situation. 6. Before you approach the girl, ask her about this. You do not need to move forward during the show without asking the young person's opinion. Visiting an entertainment venue does not imply intimacy just because the room is dark and you are close. Ask for permission if you want to touch or get closer. • For example, ask: "May I kiss you?» or " Can I hold your hand?" • If a friend does not make contact, do not insist, do not be rude. Be reasonable and immerse yourself in the meaning of the movie. • When the partner is in a favorable mood, behave with restraint, without violating the limits of what is allowed. * Please note that a cultural trip does not mean that a rapprochement is inevitable. You have the right to enjoy the movie and the beautiful neighborhoo.

The final date

1. Find out the girl's opinion about the film. Continue the conversation with a discussion about what you saw. Clearly Express your attitude to events on the screen! • For example, ask: "Do you remember the final scene?" or "do You believe the sincerity of the main character?" 2. If you think that the girl is hungry, offer a snack. Try to prolong the conversation in a cafe or bar. You can invite them to walk through the evening streets and discuss the storyline of the action. • Try to offer: "Let's come up with a version of the denouement over tea?" or "If you're hungry, we can eat and chat about acting» 3. Pre-arrange the next meeting. If the hours have flown by and you want to see each other again, let us know. Maybe visit the movie center again, or talk in a cozy restaurant. * It is convenient to say: "the Hollywood premiere is being announced for the weekend, will you rate it?" or " are you ready to share a dinner in a quiet corner of the city?» 4. Say goodbye to a friend. End the cultural program with a good goodbye. Be grateful for a pleasant evening. If your friend is in a good mood, you can hug and kiss her on the cheek. Watch how she looks at you, whether the eyes meet. This way you can find out the position to you and the impression of a joint exit. • If you are looking forward to repeating the rendezvous in the near future, tell us: "I'll see you soon!" or "I'll Let you know the schedule of shows, and we'll have a wonderful weekend again»


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