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A date on a picnic: how to seduce your companion

You are friends with a nice guy, but you want something more, namely a serious relationship with him. Why don't you go on a picnic together, because this is a good option for spending time together. In addition, you have a good chance to let the guy know that you have more than just friendly feelings for him. How to seduce your companion on a picnic?

Don't dress like a social event

People go to a picnic in ordinary clothes, so it's better to leave your stilettos and spectacular dresses at home. And you should not put on your favorite perfume. Enough antiperspirant to neutralize the smell of sweat, because in warm summer weather, you can sweat at once. Sneakers, tracksuits, or loose jeans and a t-shirt will do just fine.At a picnic, first of all, you need to relax, and not impress the guy with your appearance.Here the emphasis should be on something else.

Don't stand on the sidelines

Do not stand aside while your man is preparing a picnic area-spreading a blanket, getting food, collecting firewood, etc. Take an active part in preparing for a picnic, ask what you need to do if you don't know where to start. Men don't like lazy women.

Men are used to making kebabs themselves

Men believe that cooking kebabs is strictly a man's business. Surely your companion is no exception. However, if he asks you to help, agree without hesitation, because this is a great chance to be alone with each other. And to talk about this and that during the preparation of kebabs, no one forbade. So communicate, innocently make eyes, feel free to use other methods of seduction.

Don't drink too much alcohol

You should not get carried away with alcohol at a picnic, because the sight of a drunk woman can scare anyone away, and the picnic will be spoiled. Alcohol, however, can help you if it is consumed by a man. Once he has a glass or two of wine, he will be more sociable. And if you plan to end the picnic with sex, it will be easier to achieve this goal when your companion is slightly tipsy.

Sex in nature

If this is your first picnic, and you are not Dating yet, or your romantic relationship has just started, then do not try at all costs to end the picnic with sex. If your goal is one – time sex, then go ahead.


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