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9 countries with almost no women

We are used to the fact that in the marriage market, competition usually goes for men. It is for them that several potential partners are fighting, while the guys themselves can just sort out options. But this is the situation only in Russia, and the world suffers from the lack of women who are suitable for starting a family and having children. So much so that the governments of some States are even willing to pay foreign women if they come and marry all these lonely and restless guys. Geopolitical conflicts play a special role in this demographic imbalance. From places where there is a war, women run, and from places where there is no work, men try to leave. All this provides a situation of "sometimes empty, then thick" and prevents the creation of normal families.


In Sweden, the lack of women is explained by the housing crisis — ladies move to countries where they can afford to buy an apartment. And the overabundance of men is associated with the flow of refugees, a significant part of whom are unaccompanied minors. Whether to go there in search of quality Swedish men is a big question. But a wife in this country is also almost impossible to find.


The demographic policy Of "one family — one child" has strangely affected the ratio of men to women in China. For some reason, boys were born significantly more, and this has led to the fact that now Chinese men do not have anyone to marry. China has become a country of men, and self-centered men, because they all grew up in families without siblings.


The demographic crisis in the Philippines was caused by the crisis in the labor market. In this country, and so on 102 men accounted for 100 women, and after the Filipinas began to leave for work in other countries, the stronger sex generally had a hard time. In our time, to get married, a man in this country needs to have a set of exceptional qualities.


In this country of victorious feminism, alarm bells are ringing because women are physically unable to hold important positions and maintain gender equality. There simply aren't enough women to do this. Their places were taken by male emigrants.


It would seem that a country torn by military conflicts over the past decades should experience a shortage of men. But no, men come to this country to fight and profit from the war. Women, on the other hand, run for their lives. They really have nothing to do in Afghanistan. However, the men there are not up to women.


Italy is an extremely conservative country in terms of immigration to another country or even moving to other cities. However, there were always slightly more men than women. After the gender equality movement developed, women who responded to it changed their minds about marrying and having children. Thus, the guys were left out of business, giving up careers and positions to girls and losing wide opportunities for marriage.


75% of the inhabitants of this most populous African country are men. This statistic applies to people under the age of 25, that is, it directly says that the struggle for brides there is serious. The reason for this situation, scientists call gender inequality and a high percentage of sexual violence against women. 95% of women in this country have been subjected to violence at least once. It is no wonder that Sometimes they run away at the first opportunity, leaving men without potential wives.


Some time ago, all the women of the world were shocked by the news that the Icelandic government is ready to pay ladies from abroad to take guys from this country as their husbands. The problem with the demographic balance was obvious. Although this news was not confirmed in the end, Icelandic men still suffer from a lack of girls.


And in this middle Eastern country, despite similar values to other Muslim countries, the situation is the opposite. Local women have been emancipated only recently, and they have just got into the taste, making a career and getting an education. When the girls realized that they didn't have to get married to survive, they started traveling and moving to Europe. Meanwhile, Iranian men suddenly have no one to marry.


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