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8 ways to test your friend's loyalty

Betrayal hurts everyone. It is especially bitter to be disappointed in someone you considered a friend. It often happens that only with age comes the ability to separate real friends from just friends. To avoid trouble from a friend, you can test her loyalty.

1. Carefully observe her reaction to your purchase of an expensive dress, fur coat, or car. Outright envy, one way or another, will manifest itself. If your friend is happy with you, you can trust her. Envy is inherent in women. But a devoted friend will overcome this feeling.

2. Tell her some secret. If your mutual friends or acquaintances soon find out about it, this is a bad sign. The ability to keep other people's secrets is a mandatory attribute of true friendship.

3. did You buy a bad new dress that makes you fat? Show it to the one you want to check. The boisterous approval of ill-fitting trousers or skirts should alert you. But if a friend honestly says that the thing does not fit you, everything is fine. She sincerely cares about making you look good.

4. You can try a little trick. Call her late at night and ask her to come. You can think of any reason: a quarrel with a guy, trouble at work, in General – you need her sympathy, advice. A real friend will fly across town to comfort you. And hearing in response, a hastily invented excuse, think about it: do you really need this friendship?

5. If you suddenly get sick, this trouble can also help check the loyalty of a friend. Instead of making calls on duty, did you come to the pharmacy and help with the housework? We can congratulate you: there is a person who really cares about you.

6. How many times has a woman's friendship collapsed because of a man? Ask your young man to flirt with her. Even if a friend tells you about it, do not rush to be happy. This may just be a selfish desire to show your superiority. But her sharp rebuke to the advances of your man will be proof of her love and respect for you.

7. the most banal way to check on a friend is to ask for a loan of money. Try to borrow a significant amount from a friend. A loyal person will never refuse to help you. Even without the necessary amount, she will look for a way to help: give up some of her plans, or borrow money from other friends for you. You can always rely on such a friend, in any trouble she will lend her shoulder.

8. True friendship is impossible without mutual trust. Friends often share their problems and experiences with each other. If you think she's wrong about something, say so. A really close person will not be offended by criticism from your side, will listen to your opinion. This will mean that she understands, or tries to understand you, that you are close in spirit to her.

Distrust has destroyed many relationships. When arranging such a test for a woman close to you, you need to think about this. After passing it and accidentally learning about this exam from your side, she can be mortally offended. Your desire to make sure that your friend is loyal can lead to the fact that you will lose her.


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