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8 signs of an obsessive man

Obsessive men are even scarier than obsessive women. How else do you know on the first date that he will stick to you, and will literally follow you around?

1. He will start telling you from the first day that you are the one and only person he has been looking for all his life

And everything that was "before" is just a pathetic parody of the ideal woman that he saw in you.

Immediately, he will add that he really wants your daughter to have the same beautiful eyes, brown curls and a thin voice.

Believe me, but such men do not care that you have not even had time to remember his name: he has already decided everything.

2. He will not be shy about his feelings

Yes, he might have them at first sight, but he would not hide them, as men usually do. The confession will follow on the first date, at most – on the second.

3. Listen carefully to what he says

If in his stories there will be references to exes, and they will be, then pay attention, or casually ask a question about how those novels developed. If he tells you that for five years he has been pounding the doorstep of a beautiful woman, and she rejected him again and again, then this is a reason to think and run away from him.

4. It is nearby 24 hours a day

He is ready not to eat, not to sleep, and however-not to work, just to be near you. To all questions, he will politely answer that he has enough time for everything, but the main thing in his life is you.

5. You will realize that he is too Intrusive as soon as he finds you on social networks, as soon as he gets your phone number

Get ready: it will storm your impregnable fortress with hundreds of messages and calls a day. Exaggerated, of course, but obsessive men are too attentive to their halves, to the point of nausea attentive.

6. he is aggressive, he will show you: he will not allow anyone else to approach his lady love

You will have to spend a lot of time explaining to him that it is your responsibility to work with people, that they are not fans – just clients of your office.

7. It will require responsive attention

And if he doesn't get it, he will increase the pressure.

8. Pressure to feel sorry, talk about " hurting yourself if you don't…»

In short, it will manipulate you.


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