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7 things men respect women for

Very often we can hear that men have completely ceased to respect women. No, they haven't stopped. It's just that men are different, just like women. If a woman says that a man does not respect her, then maybe there is a share of her fault. Maybe she some their actions earned the contempt of the stronger sex. But there are some things that men will always respect women for. Which ones? Let's try to figure it out.

1. Men respect the woman who respects herself. She values herself, she looks after herself and never adjusts to the expectations of a man. And it is impossible to constantly play a role for a man, once it gets boring and a real woman will break out. 2. Men respect the woman who will never tolerate rough treatment of themselves or their relatives. But she will not start to raise a hysterical cry, she will calmly convey to the man what does not suit her. But the more a woman will tolerate, the less respect for her will be on the part of a man. 3. Men respect the woman who is not afraid of being abandoned. She would never tolerate a man's indecent behavior just because he might get mad at her and leave.

4. Men respect the woman who in any quarrel does not lose her face, does not descend to screeching and hysteria, and even worse, to physical abuse. 5. Men respect the woman who doesn't waste time. If she sees that a man does things that she will never put up with, then she considers it unreasonable to waste her time and his. She will agree to a relationship with a person if it suits her initially. 6. Men respect the woman who values her independence. She doesn't expect a man to comfort her, advise her, or support her. She can handle everything on her own. But if she is offered help, she can accept it.

7. Men respect the woman who values her life and does not want to put it on display. She does not try to get acquainted with a man, immediately post a photo with him on social networks. She does not wait for the assessment of her personal life, telling about it to the whole world. If a woman has these seven things, how can you not respect her? What do you think?


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