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7 reasons why flirting is good for your relationship

Remember the first feelings when meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend? A mixture of embarrassment, smiles, awkwardness, and sometimes excessive assertiveness? Yes, it's about flirting.

Flirting charges us with emotions, often with courage and always with a good mood, even if you don't know how to flirt at all. But when we find our partner, sooner or later all these emotions go down. Getting used to a person makes us less susceptible to those features that we used to like so much. You can switch to another person, just an acquaintance or friend, just for the sake of flirting. But in the minds of almost every adult, there is an attitude that this behavior is wrong and borders on treason. Chris Armstrong, a well-known family coach in the United States, believes that couples who throw flirting on the side of the relationship, quickly sink into a routine, which contributes to cooling and soon break up:

You have to maintain the flirting at least at the level that it was at the beginning. Otherwise, very quickly there will be a period of satiation with each other, when you no longer expect any pleasant surprises and can anticipate any action of your partner. The comfort and stability that many seek does not always bring exactly the expected sense of satisfaction. Routine relationships make us suffer and look for problems in ourselves or in our partner, we start to wind ourselves up, and this leads to a breakup. Each of us has probably seen such couples who in just six months already hated each other. Yes, it is much easier to slip into the ordinary than to give something new to your loved one every day. Flirting is always necessary, especially for those whose feelings tend to fade, and there are at least 7 reasons for this:

This will improve the quality of your sex

When you meet for a long time and you already have sex on Sundays at best, only an infusion of a new portion of emotions can save such a relationship. The easiest way to make your communication bright again is to start flirting. Flirting, in turn, somehow sets up thoughts about sex. Even the lightest and most fleeting flirtation - and we begin to anticipate. Desire grows exponentially, which means that the quality and quantity of sex will be much better. Flirting keeps the liveliness of communication, encouraging the couple in emotional and sexual terms. When you flirt, it's as if you're reacquainting with some new side of each other every time, and this further strengthens the relationship.

This will help maintain the" degree " of the relationship

It happens that the relationship dies down by itself and you feel that you are no longer so much lovers as friends. Some are satisfied with such relationships, while others begin to fall into depression from this evolution of relationships. If you don't want to be a part of a friendly relationship, then flirting will help you keep each other in shape. Spur each other on and your feelings will remain the same as on the first day of Dating.

You will remember why you are Dating him / her

Flirting is always a little awkward. Strange behavior, uncharacteristic facial expressions, incomprehensible jokes… It's easy to be funny or stupid, especially when you barely know each other. Flirting, being in a relationship, you understand how right your choice of partner has become. But don't overdo it. Light flirting and flirting are one thing, but you need to respect the boundaries. Only in this case, your relationship will become even stronger.

It's really fun

You flirt and you are happy. All because, one way or another, even an unsuccessful flirtation will lift the mood of anyone — make you laugh, make you blush, flirt and have fun. A good flirt is almost a panacea for a bad mood, because everyone used to have a smile on their face from one new message?

This will increase your self-esteem

Every person, even the most independent, sometimes needs to be reminded of their merits-both external and internal. Flirting is the perfect way to do this. Let me compliment you, give you flowers, chocolates, and stuffed hares. Why not? It's time to finally remember that you are beautiful, attractive and charming. A long relationship is no reason to forget about it.

This will help you to feel more at ease

Flirting requires a certain amount of courage. Have you noticed how much easier it is to flirt in a bar after 2-3 shots? And on a sober head, everything is not so easy. To cross this threshold, set yourself goals to meet a certain number of people, smile at strangers, and get rid of shyness: easy flirting is the best way to do this.

This will help you start a new page in your life

Yes, perhaps your partner has already bored you to such an extent that there are only two ways out of the situation — to kill him or break up. In this case, we strongly recommend that you choose the second option. First, prison is not as fun as it might seem on the TV series "Orange is the hit of the season", and secondly, after a breakup, it is flirting that will dispel your centuries — old boredom and help you start living for yourself.


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