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7 iron rules of a millionaire's wife.

Any woman can make her chosen President or millionaire. And you don't need a superpower to do that! Just decide what you want and put all your energy into doing what you want. And the time-tested tips that millionaires ' wives follow will help you.

1. "Configure" the information field Choose only the information that brings pleasure. Visit exhibitions, museums, and theaters more often. Read books, watch movies, travel and just walk around the city. That is, " put " the family in a kind and inspiring space. Permanently reject talk shows, reality shows, gossip, and other negative information. Become a censor! 2. "Set up" your social circle Be a sincere and open woman – positive and creative people will be attracted to your life. And this is an undoubted benefit for your family! Toxic people are definitely worth saying goodbye to. It is useful to know this correspondence: your income is the average income of your environment.

3. Take care of yourself A woman who suffers from inexplicable pain, or was plunged into depression, cannot radiate comfort and tranquility. Take care of yourself regularly! You need to visit doctors, drink clean water, lead a healthy lifestyle, and cover your laptop more often. You should also carefully monitor the health of family members, monitor their eating habits and leisure time.

4. Develop their talents Your husband clearly has talents that he doesn't use at work. Don't let him lose them. Convince your spouse of their uniqueness and strong abilities, and help them open up. Show the ways of self-improvement, make joint plans for the future, support in all your endeavors. 5. Forget about feminism Strong and independent women make weak men! By suppressing its natural qualities, you destroy your own relationship.Be a soft, gentle, fragile wife who needs protection. Put your leadership in his hands – be a companion, not a commander. The husband on competition will save forces and will direct them in the right direction.

6. Plan your family budget Golden rule: expenses must not exceed income. Don't take out loans, don't carry things on loan or to a pawn shop. He earns, and you spend wisely, save and save for the future.

7. Praise mentally and verbally Words have meaning. If you call him a nerd and a loser, he should be. Believe in the success of a loved one, and he will achieve it. Moreover, do not discuss his decisions with others and do not blame him in the company of family or friends. Don't let anyone interfere with your business or give you advice. Work on your spouse's image. Describe it as the best and most successful – and it will be. The universe hears and embodies your words. Remember that he is the head and you are the neck. Wherever you turn, that's where he'll look. Believe in yourself!

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