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7 countries where single men live.

According to UN statistics, there are 101.8 men for every 100 women in the world. Living in Russia, this is hard to believe – on the streets, in cafes, on public transport, I personally see mostly girls and women. Beautiful, well-groomed, feminine. And, as practice shows, often single. So where do these "no man's" men live? Here's where.


I have not been to Sweden yet, but I often heard from my friends stories about how peculiar couples walk the streets of this country – stunningly beautiful men with such partners. They say that this gender bias is related to the housing shortage.


The lack of women is a common problem in the Nordic countries. In Norway, for example, there are 12,000 more men than women.


Statistics show that 250,000 Finns in their Prime (25-55 years old) are single.


I think every reader knows personal stories from friends and acquaintances who went to Italy in search of a happy family life. There are few Italian women in the country, and for the most part at a young age they prefer to build a career rather than a home life.


For a long time, baby girls in China were considered "subhuman". In rural areas, a newborn Chinese woman could easily be left on the street. These gender biases have led to a strong imbalance – men in the country are 40 million (!) more than women.


The excess of men compared to women in this country is associated with the influx of emigrants.


Canadian girls go to build a career in the US, leaving men alone – there are 250,000 more men than women in the country. This article is certainly not a call to go to another country in search of single men.

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