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A wedding in Italy can be the most memorable event in your life. The atmosphere of the middle Ages in a Villa in Tuscany, the Venetian mysticism or the warmth of the Amalfi coast-Italy is always generous with beauty, romance and fine cuisine! Together with the Agency getting married in italy, we have chosen five romantic places to celebrate a wedding in Italy.


"Florence, you are a gentle iris", wrote the Russian poet Alexander Blok in his poems. The capital of Tuscany is home to 20% of the world's art masterpieces, and Tuscan cuisine is considered one of the best in Italy. At the conclusion of an official marriage, registration is held in the Palazzo Vecchio – an ancient Palace of the XIII century, where the Medici family lived.

Lake Como

It is located in the North of Italy, an hour's drive from Milan. The lake is located among mountains. This is a very peaceful, quiet place that has always attracted creative Bohemians. Perfect for a wedding in a family circle and in the company of your closest friends. Around the lake are beautiful villas, including Hollywood stars, as well as gardens where you can walk for hours and admire them. The lake itself has an unusual shape in the form of an inverted letter Y.


Venice captivates at once. This is a city full of mysticism, romance and passion. Bridges, canals, and narrow streets are perfect for wedding photo and video sessions. A wedding in Venice is not only romantic, it can be filled with original and unusual ideas. For example, to the place of marriage registration, which is the Palazzo Cavalli on the Grand Canal, the bride and groom can be delivered by gondola, and after the ceremony they will go on a romantic walk around the city in the same boat. The wedding day ends with a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants in Venice, and after it-a night walk around the city with the risk of getting lost and not finding the right road. Here it is and a wedding adventure! Venice is an ideal place to celebrate a wedding together, and then return home to a noisy group of relatives and friends.


Verona is a true symbol of romance. Speaking of love, it is impossible not to mention one of the most famous literary couples – Romeo and Juliet. Verona offers several places for a formal marriage. The most popular is Juliet's house with a world-famous balcony, under which Romeo confessed his love. You can also get married in the Palazzo Barbieri, which was built in the 18th century and served as the residence of the Austrian guard, or in the chapel of the Notaries, in the ancient Palazzo Della Ragione, in the Museum of frescoes, or go to one of the nearby villas. The small city where Shakespeare's love story took place radiates romance and there is always something to do: walk along the river, wander through the old streets of Verona, listen to an open-air Opera in an ancient amphitheater, ride horses or drink a glass of sparkling wine sitting on one of the Renaissance squares.


This fishing town on the Amalfi coast has become one of the most visited resorts in Italy. Positano has historically been home to the aristocratic Beau Monde, and the beauty of the landscape has attracted artists from all over the world. Colorful houses, olive groves, orange gardens – creative Bohemians have always had something to be inspired by here. The city is famous for its terraces that descend to the sea, which are depicted in paintings and shown in many films.

Many who celebrate a wedding in Positano decide to get married. The ceremony takes place in the ancient Church of Saint Mary Assunta. The city is the best place for romantic walks and wedding photo sessions. For example, one of the most popular routes is the “Gods”trail. This is a 7-kilometer mountain road that gently descends to the sea and connects two towns – Bomerano and Positano. Walking, you can admire the beautiful scenery and see the neighboring peninsulas-Sorrento and Capri.


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