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5 Reasons to date a Nurse

A girl's profession or job can say a lot about her. When you're looking for potential Dating partners, we men should be just as ruthless and self-serving as girls. (Otherwise they'll eat you up) In this terrible era of women earning high salaries for doing useless paperwork, it's nice to know that there are professions that can really help us as men. Remember: the only person who cares about you is yourself. In my experience, girls who work as nurses offer significant advantages for short-term or long-term relationships. With your permission I will list five reasons… Nurses have money (this does not apply to regions where all professions are poorly paid) Medical and nursing professions are currently in significant demand, and this demand is expected to grow in the coming years. Even nurses who have just finished school can earn significant income, and this is good for men. Why? Because it's better to be with a girl who has money than with a girl who doesn't have money. She can buy herself what she needs, as well as pamper you.

In bed with them much better Nurses are well versed in human anatomy. They all saw it. They spend their days hovering around human bodies and are "fascinated" by them. A healthy interest in human anatomy is a prerequisite for good intimate activity. She will know how to stroke you in such a special way that it would turn out long and bright. She will also tell you exactly which part of her body is most susceptible to stimulation. You won't get any squeamishness, whining or half-whispering when you ask her to do something new. Nurses work long hours in a row How can this be an advantage for you? Working on such a schedule, medseser has little energy left to waste on destructive female pursuits, such as gossip, intrigue, or guile. Idleness is the root of many evils, especially when it comes to girls. Nurses will want to be close to you and relaxed in their free time, rather than wasting it on causing you trouble. Another advantage of her work is that you can get some time for yourself. It is clear to any guy who has had a short-term or long-term relationship that everyone needs time for themselves. Too much contact can reduce the attraction. Your woman should never be the master of your time. Nurses are smart you Need a lot of brain power to pass all the training courses and exams you need to become a nurse. I don't know about you, but I can't stand stupid girls. And there are a lot of them.

If a girl is already working as a nurse, you know that she at least has some intellectual level. She has also already demonstrated a certain level of discipline and dedication, enduring long hours, the arrogance of doctors and the notes of "bullying" that go hand in hand with the medical profession. You get free medical advice/help Getting free things is always great. Never refuse free things that the girl you are Dating gives you. Fell off your bike? Stick your finger where it doesn't need to be and now it's swollen? Don't know how to treat these flus? Just ask her. She'll tell you everything. Being around doctors, patients, and other nurses gave her insight into a wide range of illnesses, ailments, ailments, and accidents. In these days of expensive medical care and declining access to good treatment, people should take advantage of the opportunities provided. In General, there is something to recommend nurses as a friend. Don't be intimidated by the slight smell of iodine or the tense behavior you may see.


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