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5 interesting facts about Lisbon.

Contrasting and romantic, youth and historical, dreamy and dynamic Lisbon.

Fact #1

Lisbon is the westernmost capital of mainland Europe. Near the city is the famous Cape Rock, from which stretches only the endless Atlantic ocean.

Fact #2

The sweet symbol of Lisbon are puff pastry cakes with egg and milk cream "pate where Nata". They sell them in almost every coffee shop and pastry shop. To enjoy the best "pate where Nata", we recommend looking for places marked "fabric proprio", which means that the cakes are prepared right on the spot and they are fresh here.

Fact #3

Lisbon is located on seven hills, so the city consists of many ascents and descents, connected by zigzag steps. Numerous lifts and funiculars make life easier for local residents and tourists. One of the most famous elevators of Elevador de Santa Justa was built in 1902 and connects the low-lying area of Baixa and the high Chiado.

Fact #4

The port of Lisbon has a long and rich history. It has been operating continuously since the 13th century and has seen many significant events in its lifetime. So, in 1498, it was from this port that Vasco da Gama's expedition to India started.

Fact #5

In Lisbon, there is the longest bridge in Europe-the Vasco da Gama bridge. Its length is 17.2 kilometers. It connects the two banks of the mouth of the Tagus river, which flows through Lisbon and empties into the Atlantic ocean.

In Lisbon, the atmosphere is warm and relaxed — it will definitely be remembered by everyone.

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