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5 interesting facts about Dating and relationships

Scientists like to collect all sorts of information about people, society, their behavior and relationships with each other. Here is a clipping from a popular foreign website that gave an example of fun facts about people and what influences and what features can occur when Dating between the opposite sex.


Recent research has shown that taking birth control pills can significantly change the taste of the fairer sex for men.

Sense of humor

Lack of beauty and money can be made up for by a sense of humor. At least, that's what scientists say. How did they come to this conclusion? Children between the ages of 6 and 13 were invited to participate in the experiment. They were shown two series of clips. The main theme of the first series was the fall of people and animals, while the second series featured videos with less interesting content, such as people riding bicycles. Humor stimulated the brains of girls much more than boys.

Color and clothing

A study conducted by the American journal of social psychology found that men like women in red more. The experiment was to gather 120 guys and divide them into groups. The task of all groups was to look at photos of the same women dressed in different colors. As the guys explained, they preferred women dressed in red. They were under the impression that these women were more likely to sleep with them on the first date.

The Internet

The researchers concluded that people meet online not to satisfy their natural physical needs, but to find a soul mate. Why don't they do it in the real world? Probably because they put too much hope in others.

It's all about the guitar

An experiment conducted by the magazine "Psychology of music" consisted of a guy trying to meet girls. First he would approach them with a sports bag in his hand, then with a guitar case, and finally empty-handed. Girls willingly gave their number to the boy with the guitar. Another experiment showed that girls in social networks are more likely to be attracted to profiles of guys with a guitar on their avatar. Probably, such men seem more emotional and wise.

Here are some funny and probably mostly true facts about us.


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