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4 reasons to use strawberries during sex

As soon as the strawberry season begins, it will be scattered not only because it is a very tasty berry. Strawberries have one important property for sex.


Strawberries are called natural vigara. Scientists have concluded that this berry greatly increases libido. And both female and male.

It's all about the seeds that are contained in the strawberry itself. They contain a lot of zinc. And it contributes to the excitement. First, zinc affects the production of testosterone. Secondly, zinc is one of the important components in the composition of sperm. How does sex affect your appearance In General, eat strawberries with your partner before sex. It's very exciting. And the process of eating is part of the prelude. After all, this berry can be eaten well, very sexy.

Light dinner

Before sex, it is not recommended to eat enough. It is not comfortable to withstand all these physical exertions later. And strawberries well knocks down the appetite and plus-this is an easy meal. Which also works as an aphrodisiac.

5 experiments in bed that every couple should try at least once In addition, strawberries contain many antioxidants that increase blood flow to the genitals.

Sexual game

Perhaps strawberries are one of the most exciting berries for sexual games and fantasies. A famous chef once told me about his sexual fantasies and experiments with food. So sweets are one of the main ingredients in sex.

Therefore, you can safely lay out strawberries on the naked bodies of partners. Generously pour the berries into the most erogenous zones. And then erotically and excitingly you need to take it in your mouth. First of all, it is very exciting. Secondly, it is simply delicious. Instead of dinner.

For sweetmeats

Another recipe for experimenting in bed. This is, of course, strawberries with cream. Then do what you like best. Cream and strawberries are the perfect combination. You can first smear the sensitive areas on the body with cream and decorate it with a berry. And then eat and lick all this yummy stuff at the same time.

What to do if you don't want sex, but your partner insists Another great alternative to cream is champagne. Strawberry with champagne is a classic. Only the champagne needs to be pre-cooled. Hot body, cool champagne and sweet strawberries!


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