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14 Romantic Good Night Messages

Of course, it’s best to speak openly and authentically from the heart without needing to consult our carefully curated examples.

We know you’ll get there, where this stuff is as natural as breathing. However, we know how important a good example is to help us not feel awkward when we’re just starting out.

So feel free to start out with some of our tried and true good night messages.

Here are the 14 romantic good night messages:

1. Sleep Well Sweetheart. Know That You Are Not Alone, I Am Always There, Wherever You Are!

We all feel alone sometimes, even when surrounded by people. Maybe even especially when we’re surrounded by people who don’t necessarily understand us no matter how hard they try.

2. My Love, I Want To be in Your Arms right Now. You Give Me So Much Happiness. Sleep Tight, And Remember I Am Always There For You.

This one’s a little bit on the dramatic side. We recommend breaking this one up into smaller bites so you don’t sound like you’re trying too hard.

3. No Distance Will Prevent Me From Loving You! I Am Looking Forward To Meeting You In A Dream And Wish You The Sweetest Dreams.

A guy who acknowledges the greater, deeper meaning of dreams is someone who thinks beyond the mind. He feels in the heart and intuits in the soul. All great things.

4. Before You Go To Sleep, I Want You To Know, It Took Me Years To Find You, I Will Never Let You Go.

Make sure you really mean it when you use the word soulmate. Used insincerely, it could be really off-putting.

5. You Are The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, And I Am So Lucky To Have You In My Life.

These simple words never get old.

6. I Want To Make A Day For You That’s Filled With All Your Favorite Things Because You’re My Favorite Thing. I Love You And Hope Your Sleep Is As Wonderful As You.

This sounds like a really tender, sweet blessing that could fit most circumstances.

7. In Sleep We Must Be Apart, My Love, But Rest Assured For I Will Dream Of You Till We Meet Again. Goodnight, Darling.

A timeless pet name like “darling” could be just the thing to make her feel loved and celebrated.

8. Love Is Not A Word I Would Use To Describe How I Feel About You. I Would Say I Am Enamored By You.

Explore words that add colour to your intention.

9. My Life Has Changed So Much Since I Met You, I Hope It Never Goes Back To The Way It Was Before. I Can't-Wait To See You In My Dreams.

You’re acknowledging your evolution.

10. It Keeps Me Calm When I Think About The Way You Look At Me, Full Of Passion And Love. Have A Good Night Sleep, Beautiful.

You’re letting her know how she affects you emotionally.

11. I Think Of You As Soon As I Wake Up And Then Again Before I Fall Asleep. You see, You’re Never Out Of My Thoughts. Have A Goodnight, My Love!

It’s important not to lose yourself completely to the idea of being in love rather than the actual person. It’s a wonderful feeling. Just make sure it’s real.

12. I Hope The Sweetest Dreams You Will Have Tonight, Will Be Nothing Compared To The Life We Will Live Together.

Promises and plans for future abound.

13. I Wish We Could Cuddle All Night Long… And Fall Asleep After Watching The Sunrise Together

A picture of a primal promise stirs the soul.

14. I Could Fall Asleep To The Sweet Sound Of My Heart… It Keeps Repeating Your Name.

It’s true how two people grow together with every pulse of their heartbeats starting to converge.

Even if you're out with your friends, make sure you say goodnight and let her know you're thinking about her. Its the little things that a good woman will appreciate.


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