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12 things that make everyone happy

For modern man, stress has become a constant companion. Many people have more stress in life than pleasure. And this is completely unnatural, because if you do not enjoy life, then what is the point of it? To have fun, you don't always need to spend money and time. We will give examples, and you can continue the list!

Find the money you forgot about

Rummaging in the pockets of our jackets, jeans, or bags, sometimes we find "surprises". For women, this is often a lipstick that has long been considered lost, hairpins, discount cards and other small things. But the most pleasant thing is to find your own unconsciously made "stash"!

Sleep in the rain

When the rain falls outside the window, the night becomes more cozy and fabulous. The bed, blanket and pillows become even softer and more pleasant, thoughts are more romantic, and sleep is stronger. We are talking, of course, about light rain, not about a thunderstorm with gusts of wind and thunder, when the apartment begins to seem like a cave, and primal fears awaken inside you.

Lie down in a freshly made bed

Now not everyone spends time on Ironing bed linen. But this is an incomparable pleasure-after a hard day and a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath, lie down in bed with cool ironed underwear. The feeling is quite different from just clean bed linen.

Drink the first Cup in the morning

No matter what your day starts with, the first SIP after sleep is always a pleasure. Whether it's refreshing water with lemon, aromatic coffee, invigorating tea or freshly squeezed juice. The choice of drink is up to you, taking into account your lifestyle. But the first Cup of the morning, especially when you're not running, is a treat.

Crunch hot bread

Fragrant, fresh bread, of course, is not very useful, but what a pleasure to bite off the crisp crust of a freshly baked baguette or"brick"! It is not always possible to catch fresh bread directly from the bakery, so you can also enjoy hot toast. And if you spread it with good butter, jam and combine it with the first Cup of coffee, then your day will definitely be successful, and your mood will be great.

Hear the appropriate music

This doesn't happen very often, but sometimes we turn on the radio or hear the right song in transport at the right time. It's like winning an emotional lottery! You're in a great mood, and BAM! - dance music starts playing nearby. Or you get mad at everything, and suddenly you hear heavy rock. And sometimes it happens that the song does not get out of your head and then the radio turns on it and just from the beginning. Fun!

Successfully complete the case

How nice it is when everything goes according to plan and turns out as planned! Crossing things off the list, handing in work on time, understanding that your idea works, cleaning your apartment — for some it may seem boring, but deep down we are all happy when the puzzle of our Affairs adds up. By the way, it is also a pleasure to finish the puzzle.

Enjoy the view

Sit on the shore of a picturesque lake, explore the surrounding area from a high mountain, enjoy the view of the evening metropolis from a high floor… A beautiful view is one of the great sources of joy. And as psychologists add, if you have someone to share this beauty with, then the pleasure will be greater.

Smell a nice scent

Remember how in cartoons sometimes the characters are so carried away by some smell that they even take off when they inhale it? Smells enter the part of the brain that is responsible for memory, which is why we may experience nostalgia, pleasure, or disgust from smells that others may not respond to. Our body remembers and connects smells with all the events of our life, even if we do not pay attention to it. The more often we inhale pleasant scents, the more likely it is that our mood will remain on top.

Remember the " good old days»

If you have friends with whom you have known for many years, you know how great it is to remember funny incidents from your shared past. It strengthens relationships and gives lots of energy and uplifting. Laughter is also a source of pleasure, which is also good for health.

Splash in the water

According to the theory of evolution, we all came out of the water. Perhaps that is why there are so few people who are indifferent to water games. Water Park, swimming pool, river, sea or just a bath — any water can quickly lift your mood! Even if you are an adult, a respected person, do not hesitate to get one or two toys to play in the water. This is very relaxing and relieves stress.

Do a good deed

Not all joys are associated with giving pleasure to yourself and your loved one. Surprisingly, when we do something nice to someone, help or give gifts, we feel happier ourselves. Even after feeding a cat on the street, you will feel it. And there are lots of reasons to do good deeds! Find what you like and can afford. You can help not only financially. Give someone time, it can also be very important. The list of pleasures can be kept indefinitely. To Wake up and realize that you still have time to sleep, to change into your home clothes after work, to take a cold shower on a hot day, to smell the freshly mown grass, to walk barefoot — life is full of joyful little things! You just have to learn to notice them.


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