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A dog is a man's best friend, and a woman who loves dogs is the best wife!

No, we do not want to downplay the importance of cats, fish and other Pets in our lives, but if you have a special love for dogs, we hasten to please you: these women are usually the best wives. We have collected 11 reasons for you to prove this.

1. You have a big heart

Our hearts do become kinder when we take care of those who are weaker than us.

2. You are not afraid to make serious decisions

Getting a dog is a very serious decision. And being able to make decisions and not avoid responsibility is an important quality for a wife.

3. You know how to throw the ball

You know how to play with a dog, you know how to cheer it up. And you can throw a ball! How can I not be proud of such a woman?

4. You are generous

You share both food and bed with a little furry friend. And you will also easily share everything with your other half.

5. You are committed to

And nothing can stand in the way of this devotion.

6. You are more loyal to small things

The dog may bite your favorite shoes, but you will not stop loving it. And in a relationship, you are likely to be more forgiving of the person. And this is worth a lot!

7. You know what

Having a dog is not just entertainment, but a great responsibility that you take for many years to come. And responsibility is one of the most important qualities for family life.

8. You are thoughtful

You can't forget to walk your dog, feed it, or clean up after it. These same mindfulness and care are reflected in your personal life.

9. You have a playful nature

Dogs teach us to be easier to climb – you can roll in the snow with them, and run.

10. You are a happy person

Scientists have shown that pet owners, and especially dogs, are less prone to depression and are more healthy emotionally.

11. You already know what it means to be a mom

You taught the puppy the first step, fed him, walked with him, cleaned and cared for him when he was ill. You know firsthand what love and care are, which means that you will not only be a great wife, but also a great mother!


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