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10 REASONS travel with your loved one

Traveling together strengthens relationships. According to an American study, 63% of couples think so. Although it is not easy to get somewhere together — the lovers gave 10 more reasons to try.

1. You have a common goal

See the world together, escape from reality to an exotic island, or spend a weekend in a pretty European village. The vacation period and destination are not important. The important thing is that you have a big common cause. Moreover, it is positive and long-awaited. Such goals seal the relationship and give double joy when achieved.

2. Stronger understanding

You will agree that the trip is not easy to plan. Especially if you are different from your loved one. But this is a great training for mutual understanding. When you can agree on where to go, determine your budget and entertainment — it will be easier to discuss other joint projects. For example, repairs, a wedding, or raising children.

3. You will rediscover each other

When traveling, people behave somewhat differently. Someone wants to finally be silent and just contemplate the surroundings. Others crave adventure and extreme sports. In addition, travelers can look a little different: change from a strict suit to light shorts or give up cosmetics and high heels. This is how lovers appear to each other in a completely new light. And everything new attracts and excites. So much so that I want to repeat the first date.

4. General jokes will Appear

Humor is a constant companion of any trip. Remember how many funny stories you tell your friends when you return. How I had to explain on my fingers, how I got to a strange party, how I tried local delicacies. It's great to get through this together. And learn to laugh together at troubles.

5. You will study together

Any trip is a personal growth training. Even if you went for a walk in the vicinity of a Tuscan village — you need to remember the way back. And if you decide to master a new sport — and completely leave the comfort zone. You will help each other cope with new tasks. Discuss your coach and your progress. You will feel like school children again. Co-education is a new facet of relationships.

6. Learn to forgive each other

In case of serious quarrels during the journey, the lovers are reconciled faster than at home. After all, any vacation is not infinite. There are so many things to try. And there is simply no time to sulk for long.

7. Together run away from the routine

Most couples are afraid of getting stuck in a routine. When all the days are similar, like twins — it's easy to get bored and forget what a wonderful person you are next to. As you travel, you will both shake up, see new landscapes, meet new people. And remember the reason you're together. Couples who have been happily married for many years consider a joint vacation to be the "best inoculation" from routine.

8. Become best friends

The strongest couples are connected not only by love, but also by friendship. Passion sometimes passes, and it is friendship that helps to preserve the relationship until it returns. A vacation is a great time to find common interests beyond romance. Learn to help and support each other. And just have fun.

9. Learn to live now

Sometimes couples are so caught up in planning for the future that they forget about the present. Travel is different. Remember how you just want to put your face in the sun, close your eyes, relax and hold your loved one's hand. And to answer all questions: "we Will return from vacation — we will solve". Learning to be in the moment together is another bonus of joint voyages.

10. You will never regret traveling together

Mark TWAIN once said: "There are only two things we will regret: that we were little loved and little traveled." A vacation together is a great remedy for regrets. And the more often you arrange romantic vacations-the better.


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